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I recently stumbled on a great wrestling-related blog called “Knockout Submission Wrestling.”  Why didn’t you guys tell me about this site?!

A graphic artist created his own comic book series, telling the story of a wild, violent, and sexually-heated wrestling league, populated with virile, aggressive, horny young fighters.  Yup, it’s a turn-on.

The artist loves to draw submission wrestling holds, especially Sleepers, Claws, Back-Breakers, and Scissors — all my favorites.  He incorporates some Mixed Martial Arts / Ultimate Fighting imagery, gear, and holds, but there is plenty of pro wrestling gimmickry to keep this wrestling fan satisfied.

An artist after my own heart, he likes to feature dudes being put to sleep.  Just like wrestling in real life, scenes of dominance and submission tell the story and deliver plenty of visual sex appeal.

For example, one of the most dominant fighters in the league, Chris Redfield, often uses a mandible claw in his fights, inserting his fingers into his victim’s mouth to work the nerves under the dude’s tongue and put him to sleep.

Yes, the action in the KSW federation is plenty homo-erotic without being too explicitly sexual — the artist clearly gets off on the erotic underpinnings of pro wrestling.   Here a muscular All American Hero named “BJ” suffers the “Redfield Clutch”, several stiff fingers penetrating his open mouth.

My favorite wrestler in KSW is a pretty jobber named Piers.  He often wrestles barefoot like Kevin von Erich.

Piers is presented as a vulnerable boy-toy who has caught the eye of toughie, Chris Redfield.  The artist has been teasing that Piers and Chris are going to form a Tag Team (and I can’t wait to see young Piers being tortured in the far corner while Chris looks on in helpless anger. ..)

In Episode 2 of KSW (which is actually the first post on the blog), Piers wrestled another buff hottie named Ian who wore red pro style gear and beat poor Piers into submission.


The fighters in KSW are all apparently gay, or at least horny for wrestling.  No explicit sex scenes are depicted, but they often comment during their matches,that they can’t wait to get backstage and really punish their opponents.

Did I mention that the captions and quotations provided by the artist further elevate the sexual tension and express the naughty thoughts and horny desires of the young KSW stars?

In this scene for example, Ian notices that Piers is turned on by being over-powered and is fine with his horniness, even using his hand to further arouse his jobber.

I really appreciated the above image of a Flying Elbow off the top ropes, with Ian frozen in mid-air, his arm cocked to position his elbow for maximum stomach abuse.  This is really good work that only a true wrestling fanatic could depict.  Most gay wrestling comics go right for the close, cock-grabbing, intimacy, but this artist instead depicted a beautiful high-flying assault by bad boy Ian.

The artist posted two episodes in July 2017, then two in August.   Next he posted one episode each in October, December, January 2018, and then one in March 2018.  Then the blog goes silent — no new articles posted since 3/18/2018.  Did he lose steam?  Where are the new episodes?  What happens next to Piers and Chris??

Is the KSW out of business already?  Has the artist moved on, or is he working on some epic future story-lines?   Keeping a blog running is a lot of work, believe me I know, but maybe we can leave comments or reach out to the artist to encourage him.  Maybe the artist reads this blog and will be inspired to get back to work on his.  Maybe my featuring his work and praising his artistry will encourage him to re-start his project.  At least he might give us some glimpses of Piers and Chris in Tag Team action!

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3 Responses to Kinky Sexy Wrestling (KSW) Blog

  1. Well this just made my morning!!!! Thanks for checking out my blog and writing this awesome review! Piers is still around and involved in the “King of the Jobbers” tournament, so you’ll be seeing plenty more of him, along with my favorite heel Chris Redfield.
    If you really like Chris/Piers do a search for them on DeviantArt. They are both from the Resident Evil games, and you won’t be disappointed with what you find! BJ is the protagonist in the Wolfenstein series, and I have other characters from Dead Or Alive 5, Uncharted, and a few other games. It’s so much fun combining my favorite gaming characters into my own wrestling fed.
    It’s definitely a chore (but a fun one!) Getting just the right screenshots, editing, changing my mind about the story line 10 times in one day…LOL. Between personal life and work I just haven’t had a lot of time recently. I have about half of the next episode completed…maybe I can finish it up over the weekend.

  2. admin says:

    Oh good — I was hoping the creator of KSW reads my blog (I had a feeling you did.) Thanks for giving us an update on the status of KSW and I’m glad to know that we have not seen the last of Piers, Chris, BJ, and the other studs. I had no idea your characters exist in another medium, but I don’t play as many video games as I should I guess. Too busy watching and writing about pro wrestling I guess. Anyway, I’m hoping you lock yourself in your house this weekend (and many weekends to come) to finish up the latest episode of KSW. Keep up the great work, I’m your biggest fan and will continue to Blog about KSW and the status of PiersField if that’s OK.

  3. Angeldescalza says:

    Wooooo… Barefoot jobbers that´s my weakness.