The Dirty Reds, part 1 of 2

00blueteamThe latest video release #603 from Underground Championship Wrestling (UCW) is a Tag Team bout in the ring, my favorite scenario!   Austin and Axel are the Blue Team — playing the out-matched Good Guys in this skirmish (does UCW really have any “Good Guys”??)

Their opponents in crimson speedos are a pair of cocky, cheating thugs named Miles and Chase.  Miles takes his team pride even further by coloring his hair a fiery red to match his trunks — a dickish look that makes us want to see him suffer, and will frustrate us even more when he dominates the match thanks to dirty tactics.  More on that below.



I’ve mentioned in a recent article that Austin is currently “exploring his inner jobber” and this match is no exception.  He plays Face-in-Peril for us first (and his partner Axel will get his turn in Part 2 of this recap).

Here we see Miles applying a beautiful Long-Legged Head Scissor while Chase illegally kicks my boy Austin from outside the ropes.  I thought I saw a ref in the ring, but he must be distracted at this moment.

02reaching08austinMy favorite scene from this half-hour battle was this gorgeous Figure 4 Headscissor by red-headed Miles on my poor, suffering Austin.

Miles is so cocky about his control, mugging for the camera, trash talking the Blue Team, and generally looking hot as he shows off his abs.


08havingfunLook at this scissoring stud, leaning on one elbow as he announces to Axel in the far corner: “Your partner’s about to go to sleep.”  And then he gives Axel a flirty little wave.

Oh fuuuuuuck yes, I love a good trash talker! In my wrestling fantasies that play in my dreams, the Heels always say things like: “Look what I’m doing to your partner as you watch helplessly.  You better stay out of the ring too, or we’re REALLY gonna hurt him!”   This Miles is a treat — an arrogant bully with a damn nice six-pack and impressive bulge in that red speedo.  He knows just what to say to make us love to hate him.



Sorry if I captured too many images of this one long Headscissor, but it really pushed my buttons.  Miles looks so dominant with his clenched fist and rock-hard mid-section.

And Austin plays along perfectly, going limp in that relentless Neck Vise.  Please keep Miles on the UCW roster, and let him beat up Austin once per week or more.


OK, great work as always by my Austin Tyler — you got me again, dude.  Now let me catch my breath and continue this recap in a couple days, when we will turn our attention to Axel, the other member of the Blue Team, as he takes his turn suffering at the hands of the cheating Dirty Reds.

To Be Continued…




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  1. Mike says:

    To be honest I wasn’t really into this company until lately. Enjoy Axel’s weekly video blogs where he presents each new video. Like the new ring. Enjoying the newer angles with the “feuding” like the big leagues. You tear that ref apart, Axel, and wear tighter smaller speedos doing itI had no idea this was in the video, you need to show potential buyers these benefits.

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