By The Hair

hairdickFighting and wrestling are meant to be manly activities, so when a combatant starts pulling hair, it seems subversive and bitchy, which makes it a little bit kinky.  Fight like a MAN, you sissy!

Check out this pretty-boy in scant pink-trimmed trunks,  which implies a note of  femininity. He emasculates some helpless boy toy by controlling him by the hair.  It’s as if he’s about to plant that open mouth on his bulge.

twoCountI’ve been finding tons of Hair-Pulling images on social media lately, and I’m re-posting the best ones in this article.  It seems many of you wrestling-perverts also get off on this naughty and sadistic little tactic based on the many hair-pull images being posted in the past couple months.

masterycharliesterling-tuckerThis animation is from the great He Is Out website.  On 5/28/18, He Is Out featured Charlie Sterling, with the long curly hair, just owning Tucker, the helpless punching bag.  And wowie, it’s a hot, hot gallery.

When a long-haired cheater pulls a short-haired guy’s hair, it always triggers me.  Short-hair should fight back and show Long-hair how it feels, but he never does.


ChrsCannon-TaylorReign from WRs

This image was posted by our newest wrestling blogger WR’s Screencaps in his 6/23/18 article.  WR really captures Cannon’s dominance.  I like how Reign keeps his arms glued to the ring ropes like a good little jobber.


cameledI have this hot video from Muscleboy Wrestling in the spankbank folder on my hard drive.  Now Taylor Reign is in the dominant role.  He  punishes (and kissy-faces) cute Logan Cross in the super tall yellow boots.

It’s a sexy match up, as you can probably tell from this Camel Clutch moment.


This v04snareideo clip is actually a preview of the next gallery I’m going to post in a couple days.  It’s a classic British Pro Wrestling domination scene, with a tag team in black spandex (literally named “The Monsters”) utterly destroying cute young Lewis Hawley in his little fire-engine red trunks.  You’re gonna love it!

donSavageConcluding today’s hair-pull gallery is a vintage photo from an old wrestling magazine — from the pre-Internet era when wrestling was still closeted and the homo-erotic aspects were disguised in symbols and innuendo.

Here we see a regular guy, a school teacher named Don Savage, whose side hustle is pro wrestling.   After a brutal match against the “cruelest man in the world,” this teacher/jobber is described as a “victim” (which implies he was raped.)  The fact that he wakes up “screaming” means something terrible happened to him, something far worse than mere hair pulling.  We see a trickle of fluid running down his face — is that blood or semen??

Curious and excited readers will certainly want to read the full “confession” and check out all the photos to see what the “cruelest man” did to traumatize the poor school teacher.  This suggestive language coupled with the photo of brutal violence turns this innocent sports-related publication into a porno mag for the right impressionable young readers.

The sexual subtext may seem tame by today’s standards (when we can go download a wrestle-fuck porno any time for about $30), but in that era, this sort of magazine seemed highly inappropriate, seedy, raunchy, and salacious — and therefore wildly arousing for the right audience.  The fact that someone recently posted this old photo on Tumblr proves that I’m not the only one who understands and still enjoys vintage wrestle-porn.


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6 Responses to By The Hair

  1. Blerk Snarfgut says:

    Who’s the hair-pulling hottie in the first pic? Yum!!!

  2. Phil says:

    Thanks for the reminder about Don Savage……I will be looking immediately at the “confession.” The entire gallery is terrific…..especially the first and third pics.

  3. Alex Miller says:

    Damn, I love this post. Hair-pulling is one of my favorite things then you have a hair-pull to break a pin, a kneeling submissive getting ready to worship a sneering MJF, and your final vintage image which features a headline right out of gay wrestling erotica.

    Bravo, sir!

  4. Mark says:

    One of your Best !!! Since I first fell in Love w/ Pro Wrestling, some 50 yrs. ago, Hair Pulling in the ring, has always been a major Turn On for me. Whether the jobber being pulled around the ring by the Heel, his hands holding gobbs of hair as he does so. Being pulled off the mat by the hair, so the Heel can inflict more punishment. Slamming the kid’s face into the Turn-Buckle, the Heel unrelenting and un-releasing his victims hair as he lands multi vicious spikes. Or best yet, the Heel holding his destroyed victim UP by the Hair, to show the audience his now limp and defeated Trophy. Nothing Better ??

  5. admin says:

    I’m pleased and a little surprised to be getting so much positive response to this hair-pulling gallery. I really struck a chord with this one, and here I was worried it would be boring and too scattered. I too enjoy the imagery of the dominant dude dragging his toy by the hair, like a caveman dragging his mate to their cave. I’ll have to feature more hair-pulling now that I know so many fellow wrestling fans love it. Thanks for all the feedback!

  6. destoy alpha males says:

    with one hand pull his hair with the other smash his crotch

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