Outrage in a Cage, part 2 of 2

03sandpaperingThis article continues my review of the Manga comic featuring young Hiba being tortured inside a cage by the cruel Heel known as Samson.  My reader told me the comic was originally printed in Japan in 1994 and later translated to Mandarin in 2004.   It was then uploaded to a Chinese website in 2015 — maybe a sign of more open communications and greater freedom of speech?

Now in 2018, I am translating the comic into its third language — English — but it’s not a very faithful translation.  I’m adding terms and descriptions to amp up the homo-erotic sub-text.

03torturedThe utter destruction and defacing of the hero seems to be the theme of this story.  Here the artist presents a beefcake image of Hiba in agony, his muscular body barely contained by his skimpy bikini, his face a mass of blood.

He is made to appear both attractive to us — that swole physique, the near-nudity — and repulsive to us at the same time, illustrating the push and pull of male attraction to other males.




Much of the action focuses on Samson’s boots, the percussive assault as he drills Hiba with his feet.  He repeatedly Drop-kicks the fan favorite into the cage, and stomps him in the skull.

The final panel on this page features a smirking Samson, pleased with the damage his most recent “Patriot Missile” has caused.  I used the opportunity that Samson has a sexual fetish for boots and stomping.  That is certainly NOT the most rare or unusual fetish in the world.




It strikes me that the story is presenting a battle of East vs. West, with young Hiba portraying the innocent, rule-abiding Eastern hero while Samson is presented as a rowdy, vicious, warlike Westerner.

My theory is that Samson is being presented as cruel and heartless (much like we portrayed Russian and Arab wrestlers in the 1980s) as a political statement — a warning to the Asian people that you cannot trust Westerners who will rape your mother and then fight you in a cage. (My reader told me Samson had raped Hiba’s mother elsewhere in the story — damn, THAT is some true Heel bad-ass-ness!)




We are treated to a “Hope Spot” as Hiba nuts up and slaps on this gorgeous full-page Abdominal Stretch.  Blood continues to stream down his face like pathetic dark tears as he pours on the pressure.   His hair is fantastic, twisting and branching up from his head like tentacles.

This is another great work of art I’d like to have printed large on poster board and hung up in my house.  Well maybe I shouldn’t do that after I included the F Bomb in Samson’s response.



Here we get some close-ups of their straining muscles (Hiba’s wide shoulders filling nearly the entire frame) and then of their muscular legs and sexy wrestling boots.

I see that I forgot to paste over the Mandarin text on this page with my own captions.  Let’s say that Hiba asked Samson: “What are you doing?” and Samson replies:  “Did you think your weak legs could entrap mine?!

06footstomp06helplessNow Samson entangles Hiba’s legs in a very similar Cobra Twist maneuver.  However, Samson adds a tight, bicep-flexing Sleeper Hold for good measure.

I don’t even know if it’s possible for the human anatomy to put someone in an Ab Stretch and Sleeper at the same time.  But the beauty of Manga is that the artist can position the bodies in any pose, no matter how impossible or sexually suggestive.

Check out their straining, sinewy muscles as they struggle and flex — another really hot full-page image.


06HibaOutI realize we’re all supposed to be anti-China these days as we prepare for a big Trade War with them.  But I’ve got to ask: do the Chinese love their Baby-Faces too?

If they are into these images of beautiful angelic suffering, the unfairness and cruelty of Hiba’s fate, if they get off on the brutality and eroticism of male-on-male fighting as this comic seems to imply, than it’s hard for me to wish ill on them.  If they’re sharing hot wrestling-related artwork like this nowadays, then I don’t want a Trade War with them — I want to trade WITH them!



Nice physiques on display as cocky Samson trash talks his victim.  Of course I had to make it happen that Samson refuses to let go long after Hiba surrendered because I love that shit. I don’t know if that’s what really happened in the original Manga comic but it is always what happens in my artwork.

I hope you enjoyed the utter destruction and defeat of young Hiba.  Thanks again to my loyal reader for sharing this.  He said he has more Manga wrestling comics and will send them to me, so stay tuned Manga fans!







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  1. battle-porn says:

    When it comes to wrestling comics, I prefer manga style because I just feel it has more visual impact. The flip side is sometimes the fight goes over the top and thus feels less realistic. But I’m here to enjoy the erotic images so it doesn’t bother me that much.