Incredible Physique and a Very Bright Future

00jeansThe newest Eye Candy in the West Coast Wrestling Connection (now that Matt Striker stopped wearing his petite trunks) is this young hottie, Clark Connors.  His real name is Connor Deutsch but I suppose the name “Clark” plays off the Superman narrative.

Of course the Beefcakes of Wrestling blog already scooped me on this new drool-worthy wrestler, informing us about Young Mr. Connors 7 months ago.  I may be late to the party, but I make up for it with extra intensity.

The purpose of attractive, square-jawed pretty-boys is to suffer endless torture in the ring, their incredible physiques on display as they cringe in pure agony.  Clark Connors’ match from the most recent episode of WCWC shows that he understands his role perfectly.

01clarkConnors01rockersConnors’ opponent for this match was the “Rock God” Ricky Gibson who wore spectacular purple tights with white accents.

Gibson may not have as much sex appeal as young Connors, but he compensates by bringing a cute young male valet in matching tights to serve him.   This stirs up our curiosity into their hotel room behavior.

02dominant04armsnapAfter several minutes of Baby-Face Shine by Connors (in his jaw-dropping scarlet speedo), we see Pearl come to the rescue of his boss, Ricky Gibson.  He cheats by snapping the young stud’s arm over the top rope to injure it.

Connors will work the Injured Arm gimmick for the rest of the match, emphasizing his vulnerability by cradling that damaged left arm against his body.  I love it — this is the sign of a good worker,  making the opponent’s attacks matter by prolonging the injury.   Connors even performs a one-armed Power Slam, unable to rely on his left arm to assist.


04OwMyArmThis ki04powerd can sell and he looks great in trunks, so no wonder they’re predicting a very bright future for him.





I believe this Killer Elbow off the top rope is a signature move for Connors.  I stalked him online a bit while preparing this gallery and found photos of him in mid-air, preparing to drop the hammer.

He delivers it using his left arm, which is injured, so he comes off seeming a little green and fool-hardy, which fits with his Up-and-Coming Rookie persona.



Gibson had to cheat to win, his Boy Toy entering the ring to cock block Connors.  This distraction enabled Gibson to snap on a Hammer Lock, forcing the stud to tap out.

Because the victory is tainted and unfair, Connors does not lose any of his prestige in our thoughts.  We can still go on worshiping him even though he had to tap out like a bitch.  I sure plan to go on worshiping Clark Connors, as you’ll probably notice in future galleries of him.





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3 Responses to Incredible Physique and a Very Bright Future

  1. Mark says:

    As Connors taps out you can clearly see the outline of his penis inside his trunks..

  2. male destroyer says:


  3. Mark says:

    We need Matt Striker back in his tiny trunks. Watching his bulge in the ring is amazing. Not sure why he goes back and forth on ring gear like he does, he has to know what we want to see.