Strong Style

01strongRoderick Strong (my NXT man-crush) wrestled this smiling British lad in navy-blue speedo — Tyler Bate — on the 1/31/18 episode of NXT.  As you will see below, the match was set up to showcase Roderick’s kick-ass masculine power and reiterate his claim to the nickname: Messiah of the Backbreaker.

02SpinBefore my Roddy could start breaking Bate’s back, he had to endure one humiliation — the Old Timey Airplane Spin.

The British cutie twirls round and round, making our Messiah look like a helpless, dizzy jobber.  Roderick’s white trunks only add to his apparent vulnerability.

03bkbrkrBut fear not, wrestling fans.  Roderick soon hoists up the lad and breaks his back across one knee in a picture-perfect OTK Backbreaker.

This move depicts how smooth and confident Roderick behaves in the ring.  He takes his wrestling so seriously, and snaps off his moves with such precision, that I think he must be one of the most talented pro wrestlers on the planet right now.  He is definitely a pleasure to watch in action, at least for me.






05otkHere Roddy catches the uppity lad in mid-air and disciplines him by bending him over his knee.

I’m obsessed with Strong’s back these days which Bate is groping as he endures this gorgeous OTK Backbreaker.  It is so tan, V-shaped, and often sweat-soaked.  Of course the Messiah of the Backbreaker should himself have an invincible back.











06torturedBut this hold is the one that really got me — that prevented me from making it through this match on my first (and actually my second) viewing.

Roddy bends Bate across his own powerful back, Bow & Arrow style!  Bate is placed  on display and I love it!


poortylerRoddy is striving to touch Tyler’s heels to the back of his head, while Tyler is selling his agony like the prettiest British Blue-Eye ever born.  We zoom in closer as Tyler cries out in pure agony!

Some reviewers are calling this move the “Modified Gory Special” but I am calling it the “Roddy Special” and I hope he uses it all the time.


08caughtAgain Roderick catches young Bate in his arms like a child being put to bed.  And again, Bate’s spine gets busted across Daddy’s knee.

Bate did a fine job as the eager British Baby-Face, outmatched by the big, bad American bully.  After 15 years in the ring, Roddy is now the seasoned veteran,  here to teach these young bucks who is Boss.


Here is the Messiah’s killer finisher — a Suplex lift up, followed by dropping him across your bent knees.  I believe he calls this move the “End of Heartache.”

This is also the End of Tyler Bate, who lays still and permits Strong to easily pin him.

09winnerloserRoderick stands over his beaten prey in a pose of threatening dominance.  If that Roddy Special move earlier didn’t finish you off, this homo-erotic victory pose may do the trick.  The dominant predator gazes at his young prey’s inviting and utterly subdued body.

This match earns two stiff thumbs up from me — definitely entertaining.  Roddy delivered, as usual, tons of intense back abuse, and Tyler was just as cute as a button in his distress and defeat.  NXT is killing it right now.




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2 Responses to Strong Style

  1. Indy Fan says:

    i have been fortunate enough to see roddy strong wrestle in real life. he is amazing. however i am so sorry to see him go into the WWE. i prefer the indies where the individual wrestler has control over himself and character

  2. K T Ong says:

    Strong may be stronger (as his nick indicates, of course), but Tyler’s the more handsome wrestler.