Rib-Ticklers, Part 2 of 2

01jinderBefore I get too distracted by all the other wrestling federations and exciting matches that are making my eyes pop out of my head right now, let me finish telling the story of Bobby Roode’s rib torture on the 1/16/18 episode of Smackdown.

Earlier in the evening, Roode wrestled big Mojo Rawley and suffered intense and repeated rib injury.  Later that same night, Roode foolishly agreed to get in the ring with the awesome and sadistic Jinder Mahal.


02stompsOf course, the foreign Dickhead targets poor Bobby’s sore ribs, just stomping the shit out of him with those black boots.

There is just something so delicious and compelling about the unfairness of this hunk’s plight — Roode forced to fight two relentless killers in the same night, both punishing the same vulnerable body part!



03outsideMahal tosses Roode out of the ring and stands over him to further demonstrate his easy mastery.  He whips Roode into the steel ringsteps which I didn’t capture because I’ve already got so many great images from this brutal match.

Next I’m thinking: Oh no, PLEASE don’t Suplex my Bobby’s damaged ribcage on the ringside barrier!  as if my brain really wants to believe that Roode is terribly hurt.

Then, sure enough, that cruel Maharjah does just that — killing Roode over the ringside fence after I begged him not to!




One of the hottest moments of this match occurred when Mahal twisted Roode sideways around the ringpost.  OH FUCK YES!

The silver-tongued WWE announcers use all the right phrases like “agony” and “decimating” to describe Roode’s suffering and Mahal’s dominance.  I think former-wrestler Corey Graves is the one always saying the right things to push my buttons.   All the captions in white text today are actual quotes from the broadcast, so you can see the dirty talk they used to really stir up the audience.


Jinder bounces up and down to fuck Roode's abs up.

Jinder bounces up and down to fuck Roode’s abs up.

Another really stellar and breath-taking scene was this long-held Abdominal Stretch, which Mojo had done earlier to Roode.

Roode’s shredded mid-section looks spectacular as Mahal just mangles and contorts him.  And Bobby Roode sells it beautifully, his masculine features twisted in pain.  This one got me, I must admit.


05pullingLook how Mahal grips Roode’s trunks in his fist like he owns them.

This is meant to add leverage to the hold, but it may also be intended to look rapey and sexual with the positioning of their bodies and their current lack of clothing.



07dominant06kneelerJinder’s body is a sight to behold, so dark and well-oiled.  God I love him as a Heel.  He is made to seem ferocious and invincible throughout this match, often looming over Roode and just seething and flexing, like he wants to devour his victim.

And Roode’s selling is top-notch just like all WWE Baby-Faces.  He plays the swole rag-doll, crying out in pain while basically letting his opponent do whatever to humiliate and harm him.  It’s nice to see good, hot wrestling on the weekly WWE shows again.



"Good NIGHT!"

“Good NIGHT!”

This huge Punjabi Super-kick to the face really stunned Roode, leaving him weak and submissive.

In the end, Roode was able to win the match and retain his championship.  But the way I will end this story is with Roode unable to recover from this stiff kick, then manhandled and pinned by Mahal.



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4 Responses to Rib-Ticklers, Part 2 of 2

  1. Indy Fan says:

    this looks like modernized version of an old classic. back to basics i just love it jobber vs heel

  2. Pec57 says:

    Love the close up of Mahal’s glorious backside. I always wonder what he and those two adorable henchmen do when they get back to the hotel after a match.

  3. K T Ong says:

    It’s always such a pleasure seeing such hot, half-naked, furry-faced studs with such finely sculpted, sweat-drenched figures engaging in contests of raw physical supremacy by lacing their corded limbs around each other, each savouring the bodily warmth, the heavy breathing, the pungent odor and the intensely intimate presence of the other… Mmmmmm…

  4. admin says:

    Damn — that comment turned me on.