Awful Waffle Mystery

That's Chuck Taylor, right?

That’s Chuck Taylor, right?

This GIF image was recently posted to the PiledriveU Tumblr site.  One of my readers saw it and became a bit obsessed, as one does upon seeing a vicious rasslin’ move.  He emailed me to ask, in all caps: “ANY IDEA WHO THE WRESTLERS ARE AND HOW I MIGHT VIEW THE WHOLE MATCH ?”

Well I responded that I think the guy in green tights delivering the Pile Driver is Chuck Taylor, a popular comedy wrestler on the Indy scene.  I know he wears pin-striped tights like those, and loves to apply this devastating Back-to-Belly Piledriver variation known as the “Omega Driver.”

But I don’t know who his opponent is or what federation this is from.  Can you help out by letting me know if you’ve seen this match and where?  Can you identify the victim?   (By the way, you can view a larger version of this animation on PiledriveU — I don’t know how to enlarge it here…)


Damn that is BRUTAL! I love it.

Taylor’s killer move is so sudden and ruinous, it makes you kind of gasp.  You fear and respect Taylor (normally a clowning goofball) after seeing him kill a dude like this because he can apply it in the blink of an eye, and the results are stunning.

My reader described it nicely: “His move is really quite devastating … I bet some guys suffer a neck injury from it … there is one clip of him applying the move on one wrestler after another … and the wrestler receiving it … in most cases, is either a great actor … or he really feels it.

You'll never see a move this dangerous in WWE!

You’ll never see a move this dangerous in WWE!

Taylor also calls this move the “Awful Waffle” — a reference to the 1990’s kid show called “Salute Your Shorts” which Taylor probably grew up on.  That show was about life at summer camp, and the Awful Waffle was a bullying tactic used to haze the new kids involving a tennis racket pressed on the victim’s bare belly until it left a grid pattern.

Outrageous! Now Taylor has gone too far!

Outrageous! Now Taylor has gone too far!

I’m not sure what this killer Piledriver has to do with the camp version of the Awful Waffle.  It is also a silly, trite name for such a destructive and injurious maneuver.

The silly name masks the deadliness of the move much like Taylor hides his own sadistic intentions with goofy antics and play-acting.  He’ll play grab-ass all match, then utterly FINISH his opponent like this, and the secret Bad Boy persona can be hot.

He's not really ending their careers -- right??

He’s not really ending their careers — right??

Taylor’s usage of this neck-snapping Killer Move reminds me of classic sadistic Heels like Paul Orndorf or Harley Race.

They took it too seriously, they went too far with their crippling moves.  They seemed to enjoy their dominance, they “Liked to Hurt People.”  Thinking about those old-timey sadistic Baddies out to harm the good-looking wrestlers triggers strong feelings in my brain, and Taylor is tapping into that with his Awful Waffles.

That's Chuck Taylor, right?

That’s Chuck Taylor, right?

So back to the original question that inspired today’s article (in all caps to express my reader’s level of interest):  DO YOU KNOW WHO TAYLOR IS AWFUL WAFFLING?  What event or federation is this from?  Chuck Taylor, if you’re reading this, do you remember when you ruined this particular opponent?

Help out your fellow wrestling lover with any clues or leads you can offer — he is pretty obsessed with this killer wrestling move, and I’m sure you know how that feels.

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  1. Guy LeBuff says:

    I love the two gifs of the big muscle-bound sexy black guys getting slammed by this white stud 😀