Gold and Dynamite

D-Oro4D-Oro1After posting my 10/16/17 article about the old Slammers Wrestling Federation that I had ordered video tapes from in the 1990’s, I was pleased to receive comments from a few loyal readers who remembered the SWF — which I referred to the “original underground wrestling fed.”

So here is another match from my Slammers video tape archive featuring this long-haired lad named Dynamite D.  Don’t let his pretty looks fool you — he was actually the nastiest cheater in the SWF.

D-Oro9Dynamite’s opponent is a masked hero named “Hombre del Oro” — Man of Gold — who always wore a sparkling golden mask and skimpy trunks made of the same eye-catching fabric.

The masked man always wrestles barefoot which, I know, floats some of your boats out there (and I dare say the SWF promoters knew it too.)

The tight Body-Scissor seems to be giving D an orgasm.

The tight Body-Scissor seems to be giving D an orgasm.

We can see that the heroic masked man is the more skilled grappler, catching his lean opponent in a Body-Scissor early in the match, his bare feet locked tightly together.  What wrestle-porn video would be complete without some Scissor action?

We are blessed with some close-ups, lingering on the victim’s agony as the masked man fucks with his head.D-Oro3

About 3 or 4 of these classic bumps leaves D with a sore ass.

Oro’s aggressive thrusts leave D with a sore ass.

This is a nice long match, over 20 minutes.  It’s filled with lots of old-school pro moves, especially from the classically trained Hombre del Oro.  Here he utilizes that old Butt Bouncer that was common back in the 50’s.

Dynamite D plays the cowardly prick, prolonging the match by running out of the ring repeatedly to steal a rest break.

Hombre del Oro shows off his mad skills, and nice body.

Hombre del Oro shows off his mad skills, and nice body.

I decided to write about this match after receiving this request from a fellow SWF fan:

These tapes were very hot. Hombre del Oro was a masked barefoot wrestler, really well built and he won most of the time…. Matches with Dynamite D were also nice, he wore tight blue speedos and white boots.


Oro seems obsessed with applying Scissors.

Oro seems obsessed with applying Scissors.

Like most Slammers matches, the guys are lean, young, and scantily dressed.  Oro’s golden mask adds a hot classic wrestling vibe.  If I have one complaint, it’s just that Oro does not sell enough –does not suffer for long enough as the barefoot Baby-Face.  This may be because of his superior skill level, impatient to sell Dynamite’s clumsy attacks when his own are much showier and more beautiful.


Somehow it only makes the victim feel dizzy.

Somehow the old Merry-Go-Round only makes the victim feel dizzy.

This is the gallery I was working on when my computer died in November.  Before I had uploaded the video to YouTube but after I tossed the source DVD.  So the video footage is now lost and can’t be uploaded to YouTube.  At least I had uploaded these animations and screen captures so you can see how entertaining and sexy these Slammers were, especially for 1990’s live studio wrestling.





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3 Responses to Gold and Dynamite

  1. Angeldescalza says:

    What a good New Year start… This videos are very hot and homoerotic, me as a barefoot wrestler fan I´m in heaven with this masked beauty.
    Thanks for this article

  2. Mario says:

    I’m sorry, you lost the video. The final move is one of my favorites.

    P.s. But how much VHS of the Slammers Wrestling Federation were produced and in what period?

  3. admin says:

    I’m not sure but I think only a dozen or fewer VHS tapes were produced and sold by Slammers. It was primarily a training gym for under 20 guys, so the videos were a side product. According to one website, Slammers operated from 1986 to 1998 ( but I saw another website with more history that mentions 1989 as the first year of operations (;f=9;t=057232).