Yeah you better NOT try to slap him back.

I saw these great animations on Tumblr recently and decided they deserve to be re-posted here and written about in more detail.

West Coast Wrestling Connection booked this bout on their 8/14/14 episode available on YouTube.  Big Duke is the blue collar working man in the red trunks and Ashton Vuitton is the privileged snob getting slapped.

Duke man-handles the light weight fashion model.

Duke man-handles the light weight fashion model.

When I found these images on Tumblr, they had already been re-posted (re-Tumblered?) dozens of times which has made it difficult to identify the original creator so I can give credit where it’s due.

If you know who captured these hot animations from this very hot match, please pass along our thanks and gratitude.  And ask the originator to make more for us!

duke-ashton3I also captured a few still images from the video, such as the many times Duke tried to pin Ashton by splitting his legs wide open.

The match builds sexual tension just by placing young, attractive, flexible Ashton Vuitton in the ring with Big Duke.  We can’t help but wonder when Duke will make a pass, maybe fondle Ashton or plant a kiss on him.  Who wouldn’t in this situation, amIright?

Big Duke tries to snap Ashton's neck.

Big Duke tries to snap Ashton’s neck.

Ashton is working the cocky show-off gimmick, posing provocatively and snapping Selfies, shaking his hips before jumping off the ropes.  He is technically the Heel even though he is the smaller, prettier opponent and wearing white.

His antics are meant to entice and queer-bait the audience, but could also be interpreted as a flirtation with Big Duke — an invitation to for him to take a walk on the wild side.


You probably don't want to be kicked in the skull by Big Duke.

You probably don’t want to be kicked in the noggin by Big Duke’s big boot.

While Ashton is flamboyant and smarmy, Big Duke by contrast is masculine and hard-working. While Ashton uses flippy, bitchy moves, Big Duke is a grounder and pounder.  While Ashton is rather flamboyant, Big Duke is a rough, bearded Manly Man who will boot you in the fuckin head.

Will Big Duke take the bait and stop resisting Ashton, choosing to spend their time together in a more pleasurable manner?

Don't get up.

Don’t get up.

Big Duke runs full speed to clock the helpless male model with a brutal Running Knee and we gain the understanding that he plans to stick with just hurting Ashton, not acting on the open invitation that the pretty-boy’s perfect physique and revealing clothing offer.

Ashton pays the price for trying to entice Big Dick — I mean Big DUKE.  And for daring to arouse the “straight” men in the audience.


Spiking his handsome face destroys his good looks.

Traditionally, the smaller, younger wrestler in white would be the Hero, the out-matched underdog we’re all pulling for.  In this match, Ashton’s superior attitude and swishy hip-swivels signal the crowd that he is not to be loved and respected.

He is a creep and a spoiled brat.  He also is so pretty, he could be one of them gays.  So it is OK for Duke to bash him.

I both love and fear this move.

I both love and fear this move.

My favorite GIF in the series is this one.  I am obsessed with this killer move!  Big Dick clamps Ashton’s head between his thighs, utterly owning him.  Then he leaps high in air to build momentum.

Falling at terminal velocity, the big man drops down to his ass, Pile-Driving Ashton’s skull into the mat in the process!  It looks so sexual but then it’s not, right?  Because Duke is a confirmed hetero, right?




Big Dick was more man than Ashton could handle.

We see Duke has this attractive young model totally at his mercy, but all he does is pin him.

The message being sent is that Duke stayed on the straight and narrow like a Real Man and therefore he was successful.  He could’ve gotten away with anything on this gorgeous opponent, naughty stuff that many of us would’ve done.  But instead Duke just beat him and pinned him.

duke-ashton6The take-away for the audience is that a Real Man needs to avoid temptation and resist the flirtations of his sexy opponents to succeed.

If he can keep his hands to himself, or rather just use them for inflicting pain instead of pleasure, then he will be rewarded with the gold belt and his arm raised in victory.  We get the sense that if he ever strays from this stoic good behavior, he will fall into disrepute and failure.  This is how pro wrestling both presents, teases, and then avoids homo-erotic tension.






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    Duke Ashton deserves total doom and destruction