Like A Dog With a Bone, part 1 of 2

maddog1maddog2This old-school squash match recently posted to YouTube features “Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer just owning and destroying a soft-bellied jobber named Richie Rouge.  Richie was “already in the ring” before his opponent made an entrance, so you just know this kid is dead meat.

I’m digging Richie’s gear — the yellow jobber trunks with black side stripe and clean white boots.  The Mad Dog quickly tears into the chubby wimp like a hungry dog, punishing the kid just for trying to look adorable in his cute jobber costume.


Richie's flabby belly makes an inviting target.

Richie’s flabby gut makes an inviting target.

The commentator asks that age old question that I’ve wondered many times when watching rasslin’: “I gotta wonder if Richie Rouge knows what he is in for?!

Sawyer manhandles poor, gullible, clueless Richie with stiff slaps and kicks.  The jobber drapes his useless arms over the ring ropes like panty-hose filled with pudding, leaving his mid-section wide open.

maddog4In addition to the rookie’s belly, the Mad Dog also targets his appealing yellow trunks, here stretching them out of shape as he executes a Long Held Suplex.

As the yellow spandex pulls away from Richie’s crotch, we get a peek at his sexy black briefs, just like his daddy the Mad Dog wears.

Sawyer should strip off the trunks, forcing the wimp to fight in nothing but those little black under-panties.

Sawyer's body is presented as solid and hard while Rouge is seen as a soft crash-pad.

Sawyer’s body is presented as solid and hard while Rouge is seen as a soft crash-pad.

The commentator continues to verbally fluff us with graphic descriptions of the Mad Dog’s sadistic tendencies:

He just LOVES to hurt people — he doesn’t even like to pin ’em.  All he wants to do is pick ’em up, BEAT on ’em some more, put ’em DOWN and HURT ’em!”  {Damn, I’m swooning here.}

If you're into rough, brutal Heels, Sawyer is your wet dream.

If you’re into rough, brutal Heels, Sawyer is your wet dream.

When you see a weakling like Richie Rouge, utterly helpless and pliant, playing the stooge, obediently allowing the stronger man to spike his face into the mat, you have to wonder what is in it for him.  Clearly his ego will be crushed after this emasculation!

We can only suspect that a part of Richie Rouge must enjoy it.

maddog5This Bearhug only lasted a moment before the Mad Dog whipped his toy across the ring in a Belly-to-Belly Suplex.  But I captured the image as still frame so I can pretend this intimate embrace lingered for five minutes, with Richie growing weak and falling floppy into Mad Dog’s relentless crush.  I like it better that way.

"He obviously has Rouge out-classed, had him beat. He wouldn't go ahead and pin him."

“He obviously has Rouge out-classed, had him beat. He wouldn’t go ahead and pin him.”

The Mad Dog’s manager at ringside, Gary Hart, is obsessed with seeing “the Mad Dog fly!”   This refers to Sawyer climbing to the top rope like Jimi Snuka, and soaring off to splash down on his prone victim chest-to-chest.

The Mad Dog’s manager calls for the Dog Splash several times, as if he has a raging boner and only the dive off the top rope will scratch that itch.

maddog6splash1 Finally Mad Dog satisfies his manager by delivering the deadly Dog Splash onto his soft landing pad.  Gary Hart is presented as the Mad Dog’s master — an authority figure in his fancy suit.  Before the match, a teaser was flashed on the screen promising that we would see “Gary and his mad dog” as if he owns Sawyer in some kinky Slave relationship.



maddog7Wrestlers like Sawyer give the impression that they like to wrestle — like, they realllly love it, as in they get off on it.  They seemed literally like a “dog with a bone” — relentlessly mauling on the opponent longer than necessary and loving every minute of it.

Gary Hart, the dog’s master, gives off a similar vibe of obsession and sexual fetish as he orders his dog to deliver  another splash.  This is well after the match is over and his wrestler already won, but the story of the match is that Gary Hart can’t get enough of it.  He orders his dog to keep splashing poor Richie Rouge over and over until he feels satisfied.

maddog8maddog10The official cock-blocks the Mad Dog, stopping him from another climactic dive off the ropes.  It’s like coitus interruptus.

In the second half of this article, we will next see a foolish jobber named Lee Scott (a buff hard-body jobber) pulling Richie Rouge out of the ring to prevent Mad Dog from bullying him.

Taking his food away — interrupting the raging Mad Dog’s rhythm just when he was about to get off — enrages the Mad Dog and he assaults Lee Scott as you’ll see next time.  This too leaves the impression that Sawyer is really into fighting and hurting guys, and only a fool gets in between a wild dog and it’s prey.


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One Response to Like A Dog With a Bone, part 1 of 2

  1. Mark says:

    Great Post ! Brings back memories from my youth of some 50 yrs. ago. Couldn’t wait for the next Pro show on TV ( so few then ) and when it was “said saturday” to watch but two, to my room I ran, portable TV ( black & White ) on, me sitting on bed pumped waiting for the first match to be announced. Usually, the “jobber” was intro’d first, and if a Hottie or even a S.B. Jobber like Rouge, I hoped like Hell, his opponent would be a Heel such as Sawyer. Nothing better than watching the Hottie get worked over and Punished, Dragged or Tossed around the ring, by one so uncaring ( like Mad Dog ) as to the Punishment he was dishing out. Yes, a Dog wanting that Bone all for HIMSELF !! Again, thanks for the Memory !!