The Adventures of Superbody, Part 2 of 2

BigAl10This gallery continues the series of cartoon wrestling images that an artist recently sent to me.  Big Al is in the ring with the hard-body, Jeff Terry.

Now it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for — the moment we wait for in every pro wrestling match — when the attractive Good Guy begins to suffer.

BigAl11BigAl12BigAl13The artist depicts Jeff Terry falling victim to a pectoral claw, which utterly disables him.  We get the sense that the over-development of the body-builder’s chest, growing his pecs to be swole and massive, is his undoing.  Those big, swollen tits are just easier for Big Al to grip, the meaty mounds of flesh just begging to be clawed and pulled.

BigAl14The red nail polish on Big Al’s fingertips adds a creepy vibe — an interesting choice by the artist.  The artist told me he also creates images showing women dominating over spectacular male body-builders, so giving Big Al those long red nails inspires that sense of titillation we feel when the feminine over-powers the masculine.  At first I was a little put off by Big Al’s red nails, but now I see that it makes the Pectoral Claw seem more cruel and savage (and sexier), as if Big Al could really dig in with those claws if he wanted to.

BigAl16BigAl17The Reverse Bearhug depicts a nice contrast between soft and hard — the pudgy, smothering bulk of the fat man pressed against the stiff, flexing, erect body of his victim.

The artist must be a Bearhug lover like me, depicting that crushing bulk to be more than even Jeff Terry can handle.  His hard body goes limp, his power and masculinity drained out of him with every squeeze, and he drops off to helpless sleep in Big Al’s smothering hug.


BigAl18BigAl19You can tell the artist watches pro wrestling as he includes that dramatic moment when the ref tests the helpless man’s arm, letting it drop to see if he is out cold.  I enjoy wrestling artwork much more if it includes these subtle references to in-ring tropes and rituals.

BigAl20BigAl21BigAl22The artist ends the story with Jeff Terry out cold, carried away in his dominant opponent’s arms like Jane of the Jungle being hauled away to be raped by some horny ape.  If the artist created any images of what happens next — the sadistic torture and demeaning sexual abuse that Jeff Terry will surely suffer in Major Pervey’s dungeon — he didn’t share them with me.



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3 Responses to The Adventures of Superbody, Part 2 of 2

  1. swim10lift3 says:

    I am downloading every one of these masterpieces. Ultimate wrestling fantasy of mine – the 60″ pec cocky muscleman gets taken down and humiliated on his pride and glory by the grotesque fat man, then taken away unconscious to be a dungeon basement “toy” by him and his pervy manager. Seeing Mr Big Muscles limp in that bearhug, done in reverse so his once-heroic bod in now on total display in all its destruction is nirvana. I can almost hear Major Pervy taunting the dazed stud, shouting out lewd remarks about his body and mocking him for being such a weakling. To see Rob Terry (the character’s namesake, I believe) or Chris Masters or a young Paul Roma attacked and subdued like this has been one of my biggest boner material. Thanks to the artist for giving me (and all of us!) the opportunity to share this experience a bit more.

  2. Dr.Fever says:

    I’ll be honest, I’m not usually a fan of cartoon wrestling stories …but this post!! Wow, the artist has made Jeff Terry look incredible!
    Jeff’s body and pained/exhausted/humiliated expression on his face is perfect! Thanks for changing my opinion on these stories.

  3. JM says:

    Bruce Vilanch kicked 1980s Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ass!