Baby-Face Lives Matter


Cedric sells the fuck out of several Irish Whips.

Cedric sold the fuck out of several Corner Whips.

Two of the hottest guys on the “205 Live” show have been feuding recently: Brian Kendrick (sadistic villain) and Cedric Alexander (graceful Good Guy).

They squared off during the 9/19/17 episode of 205 Live and Kendrick punished Alexander fairly one-sidedly.  For example, here he busts Cedric’s back with this stiff Irish Whip to the corner.


On the last episode of Harm the Hottie…

Like the opening recap from a reality show, we are provided with clips from the last episode to explain the on-going beef.  It seems Kendrick and Alexander had been wrestling during the previous show until this dandy in the out-dated suit and vest (Jack Gallagher) jumped in the ring to attack and assault Cedric while Kendrick watches in awe.

The last time they fought, Gallagher interfered.

The last time they fought, Gallagher interfered.


Why does this upper-class gent despise poor Alexander so much?

Is it racist that Cedric always gets beat up?

This cruel strike always makes me go DAYUM!

This cruel strike always makes me go DAYUM!

Gallagher may look like a proper and sporting gentleman, but he fights like a brawler in a pub.  He employs this ugly killer Headbutt that just destroys anyone he nails with it.  Have you seen this?  It is sick as fuck!

CLUNK!  He steps into it, driving his forehead swiftly into Cedric’s vulnerable skull, dropping him like a ton of bricks.

Another look at the Mind Fuck maneuver.

Another look at the Mind Fuck maneuver.

Jack Gallagher is an interesting character.  He is working the early-1900’s gimmick that we’ve seen often lately in pro wrestling — dressing and acting like a bloke left over from the turn of the last century.

But while most wrestlers play the Old Timey role in a campy, comical manner, Gallagher brings an aura of danger and psychosis.  He seems more like Jack the Ripper than Gentleman Jim Corbitt.


And now, back to this week’s episode…

caughtCedric pulls off some beauteous swanlike moves that I’m not showing in this article.  You should check him out, he glides around the ring with a smooth grace and poise that is really fun to watch.

But my focus is on Cedric’s suffering at the hands of vicious Brian Kendrick, who has matured into a really cruel dickhead in the ring (a far cry from his rookie days as a sweet young Face known as “Spanky.”)  I have not mentioned Kendrick’s tights yet, but they are spectacular.  He’s got a collection of wild, colorful leggings and I’d love to buy or borrow some of them from him.

You just can't let him have one win, can you?!

You just can’t let him have one win, can you?!

Cedric surprises Kenrick with a roll-up out of nowhere and wins the match.  As he struts back to the dressing room in victory, Cedric is again attacked by this vest-wearing psychopath!

Gallagher pounces on Cedric and thumps him like 20 times, which I did not capture very well in this animation because you can barely see Cedric.

chokerGiven the recent (and maybe never-ending?) racial tensions in the nation, we can’t ignore the whites-against-black imagery in this scene.  Gallagher is as pale as the queen and he looks very upper-crust and privileged in his fancy suits.

We get the sense that the black man is being punished for having succeeded, that his power needs to be stripped from him.  This inter-racial play is a hot button (i.e., a turn-on) for many viewers I’m sure.

Can't we all just get along??

Can’t we all just get along??

Cedric is presented as powerless now that the white dudes are using their numbers advantage to own him.  The scene tells a story of class struggle, conspiracy, and oppression as Cedric’s success is countered with cruel retribution.  Knowing this scene is just role-play, the unfairness can be stimulating to watch.


Oh no -- how many more times are you gonna Mind Fuck him??

Oh no — how many more times are you gonna Mind Fuck him??

And then, Gallagher does it again.  He rams that brain-scrambling Headbutt directly into Alexander’s face, which Kendrick is presenting like a piñata just waiting to be busted open.

Cedric drops and just lays there in a creepy, motionless state, as if Gallagher put him in a coma.  Holy fuck, this is some violent drama!

domin8orsI think it’s interesting that Gallagher uses his head to deliver his most effective Finisher.  As a smaller guy wearing those fussy dress-clothes, we get the sense that he is more of a thinker than a fighter.

Presumably he is well-educated if he is from the upper-class, so he probably makes his living with his brains, not his muscles.

Using the head as the weapon of choice to dominate other (brawnier) men emphasizes the power of his brain, using his noggin, over his fists or knees or biceps.  He is a cerebral assassin.  He shows that alternative forms of masculinity other than uber-muscular He-Men who rely on their physical strength can also dominate.  He provides us an entertaining and kind of queer twist on what it means to be a powerful male.


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2 Responses to Baby-Face Lives Matter

  1. Guy LeBuff says:

    I LOVE it 😀 Nice job 😉

  2. Jim says:

    But underneath Gallagher’s suits there is (or at least used to be, in his UK days) a chiseled body that has always reminded me of marble. I’d like to see him stripped of his suit and put int he ring against other smaller guys. They’re hot, too. The Brits have always known that.