Devil in the Land of the Rising Sun

Dragon-Devil1Episode 10 of the Tiger Mask W cartoon series ends with a fantastic Squash Match by the all-powerful Yellow Devil.  The Devil’s victim, “Dragon Young” in the blue mask and matching tights, is actually our favorite jobber and anime Eye-Candy: Ryu Wakamatsu.  (This match is part of a “Masked Tournament” so every competitor must unfortunately don a hood, even the really handsome suffery ones like young Jobber Wakamatsu.)

We’ve seen Wakamatsu endure several epic beatings, used and abused by every Heel in the Tiger Mask universe.  He serves as the antithesis to the more aggressive, more skilled, more successful Tiger Mask.  If you’re into jobber squashes, go back and check out Wakamatsu:

Yellow Devil makes Wakamatsu look like a bitch.

Yellow Devil’s no-selling makes Wakamatsu look like a bitch.

Now Yellow Devil will get to sink his claws into this Muscle Jobber’s flesh.  To dramatize Yellow Devil’s powerful superiority, Dragon Young’s strikes are depicted as utterly useless.


What exactly are you trying to do there, Wakamatsu??

What exactly are you trying to do there, Wakamatsu??

Grasping the larger man around the waist, Wakamatsu’s ineffective attacks reach a climax.  He tosses back his head, sweat glistening on his shoulders and back as he strains with all his might against the big man’s backside.

But Yellow Devil is a confirmed “top” — refusing to succumb to the weaker man’s advances.  He stands stoic and unaffected, ignoring the efforts to subdue and dominate him.

Dragon-Devil6Next the Devil unleashes a hellish assault on the young jobber.  We see Wakamatsu paying the price for trying to “top” this dominant Alpha Male. Our take-away is that a submissive bitch must never try to upset the pecking order.


Usually the Devil Tornado slashes open the victim's chest.

Usually the Devil Tornado slashes open the victim’s chest.

As Wakamatsu bounces chest-first off the ropes, Yellow Devil spins around and slashes him with the patented “Devil Tornado” move.

The fact that the artists did not bother bloodying Wakamatsu’s chest (as happened to Tiger Mask’s trainer in Episode 1) is further proof of his jobber status.  They don’t even bother with the drama of blood, saving it for a more important victim like Tiger Mask.

Dragon-Devil10Dragon-Devil11Breaking Wakamatsu across his strong shoulders, we see Yellow Devil’s dangerous potential symbolized by his sharp yellow claws.  With one hand on the jobber’s throat (with the potential to slash his jugular) and one hand on his crotch (with the potential to neuter him), we are led to the understanding that Yellow Devil could fuck up this sissy-boy even worse if he wanted to.

The intent of this beat-down (the intent of every jobber beat-down in pro wrestling) is to promote the power and ruthlessness of the Heel — to depict our hero in a precarious position if he ever foolishly steps in the ring with this highly effective killer.

Dragon-Devil12Wakamatsu is dropped, spent and defeated to the mat.  We see white sputum trickling down his chin bukake style, perhaps symbolizing that Yellow Devil didn’t just out-wrestle this jobber — he owned the bitch.

Saliva is normally clear and see-thru when it dribbles onto your chin.  The fluid oozing out of this sucker’s mouth is white in color, I’m just sayin’.

Dragon-Devil14Dragon-Devil15Wow, that’s hot!  Yellow Devil stands with one foot on his defeated, mucus-slobbering toy.  These cartoonists clearly grasp the homo-erotic scenery that makes pro wrestling so exciting to watch.

They draw Yellow Devil to appear erect and hard, his muscular legs and tall yellow boots like phallic symbols.  It’s a gorgeous image of male sexual power  — am I the only viewer getting into this cartoon and noticing the pornographic imagery?

Dragon-Devil16Now that the Round-of-Eight is completed, the announcer teases the two semi-final matches in the Masked Tournament.  First Yellow Devil will wrestle some nobody named “It’s-the-Ace” whom I’m sure he’ll beat to hell.  Then, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…  (drumroll please)…




(who is also his homo-sexual love interest, although neither Naoto or Takuma realize that their long lost BFF is actually the other masked tiger.)

Dragon-Devil17Fuck yeah, I can’t wait for the Tiger-vs-Tiger showdown.  In their prior encounters, Tiger The Dark (appearing as Takuma on some occasions) has generally out-wrestled and out-muscled our hero Tiger Mask (aka Naoto.)  So we’re worried over how our protagonist will fare against his arch-nemesis knowing that Tiger The Dark is stronger.

Also, both Tigers are itching for the opportunity to wrestle Yellow Devil in the Tournament final — to punish the most powerful Alpha Male in the federation for having injured their trainer.  So a jealous love triangle is formed, with Naoto and Takuma fighting over the right to end up with Yellow Devil, the object of both of their desires.

The episode concludes with the rivals standing face to face, their chests both arching toward the other, their bodies attracted to each other.  Broiling red and yellow flames erupt in the background like a volcano, emphasizing the red-hot, explosive passion inherent in their competitive relationship.  Stay tuned wrestling fans, and/or cartoon fans!

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