More of What You’re Searching For

It’s time once again to take a look at the kinky Search Terms you entered in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Mamma (what’s that?), Ask, AOL (is that still around?),  or whatever search engine you used to find this page.  Then I can try to scratch your itch for a specific wrestling kink by posting the images that match your quest.

This process is kind of like a Scavenger Hunt. The reward, for those of you who enter interesting and unusual requests, is to get to see exactly what images you’re craving.  The challenge for me is to see if I actually have photos of all the freaky stuff you’re asking for (and usually, I do…)  Let’s see what I can come up with today…

crucifix move wrestling arsenal

That’s actually an easy one for me.  I like collecting images of holds like the Crucifix as much as any other normal, red-blooded, obsessed-with-wrestling guy…

tommy angel trunks

I believe Tommy Angel’s best trunks are his snow white trunks.  Check out these pictures and see if you agree…

young pretty boy wrestlers in speedos

Now that’s TOO easy.  Give me a challenge…

david otunga flexing

Here is Otunga suffering, but even when he’s suffering, Otunga is also flexing, so I’m counting it.

thumb spike wrestling arsenal

The Master of the Thumb Spike was the great Ernie Ladd.  He jabbed his big taped thumb like a tool into everyone’s vulnerable flesh.

wrestlers touching each other

Well how the hell can they wrestle if they aren’t touching each other??   Or do you mean touching each other, like, down there?

barry windham wrestler images

So I guess I’m not the only hopeless, incurable Barry Windham fan still out there…

both wrestlers were well built and wore tight speedos

I guess most of the wrestlers in WWE are well built and wear tight speedos, and DJ Gabriel and Jalil Salaam are certainly no exception.

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One Response to More of What You’re Searching For

  1. BNA says:

    nice to see drew haskins get a mention – the kid is seriously good-looking