Punishment On Demand

ballroom1I was on Social Media and found a great list of Indy wrestling video sources posted by a blogger I follow.  He provided links to pay-per-view and subscription sites for wrestling and up-and-coming talent — such as Artemis Spencer seen here entering the ring in tight black-and-turquoise trunks.


I want to help support Indy wrestling by encouraging my loyal readers to check out these small federations and eager young performers.  I copied the list of links, added some of my own sources of Indy Pro action, and uploaded a new page on this Blog called “Indy Wrestling On Demand List.”  You can access the IWOD List using a new link beneath the banner at the top of this website, or by following the link added to the “Blogroll” list in the right margin. Please watch, purchase, enjoy, and tell me all about these great sources of rare but highly entertaining wrestling action.

ballroom5ballroom7I then decided to pick any link on the list, select an event from that federation, and check it out.  I chose ECCW  — “Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling” — which sounded just perfect.

The first event available for rent on the ECCW webpage was “Ballroom Brawl V” from January 2016.  It cost me just a few dollars to rent for two days — also perfect.  That is plenty of time to savor it and blog about my favorite match from the show.

Baroni uses his girl's stiletto as an emasculating weapon.

Baroni uses his girl’s stiletto heel as an emasculating weapon.

My favorite match from the show featured a handsome challenger — adorable Artemis Spencer — in a No Disqualification battle against the beefy Champ: Tony Baroni.

We get the sense that young Spencer is too lean and fragile for a brawl this dangerous, especially compared to the solidly-built Champ. Spencer’s vulnerability is intoxicating.

ballroom8ballroom9There were many other exciting moments and hot wrestlers in the video — lots of “F” bombs and rough talk; the arrogant American Guns team (“America – Fuck YEAH!“); Beautiful Billy Suede forcing heroic Air Adonis to respect him; the visually stunning Bollywood Boys, etc.

However, I selected this partuclar bout to write about because these two dudes really kill themselves on the ladders and chairs, and because Artemis Spencer is so fun to watch suffering.


This move alone earns the $3 I paid for this event!

This move alone earns the $3.00 I paid for this event!

So I plan to continue supporting these feds and these performers through the Indy Wrestling On Demand List.  I hope to pick an event every week or two, pay the small fee, and blog about what I enjoyed.  Maybe my small contribution will encourage these wrestlers to keep creating incredible action and inspire others to chip in and help support the sport we love.


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One Response to Punishment On Demand

  1. Gary Wrednal says:

    It’s thrilling, chilling, and awe-inspiring in pretty much equal measure that there are still young athletes out there who are willing to absorb stiff punishment as part of their commitment to being a professional wrestler. On the indy circuit I don’t suppose Artemis Spencer would have even been paid well for performing these stunts. It’s admirable – and such a turn-on – that he’s willing to climb into the ring in only a pair of trunks and take what must be genuinely painful bumps.