Power Brokers

Another Congressman, intoxicated by testosterone, charisma, and power has been caught sending images of his exposed body and bulging briefs.

The last time this happened, I commented on how this situation is used to humiliate and destroy the politician, making him (and all of us) feel ashamed of the male body.

Maybe the problem here — the reason these powerful men are crucified by the press and society — is not their pride and bare chested posturing, but the specific career field they chose.

Let me play Guidance Counselor here (since every time this happens, the guilty Congressman is probably going to lose his job).  These self-absorbed show-offs need a career that rewards — rather than punishes — displaying their bodies and wallowing in cocky self-confidence.

Knowing how good they look in a tight pair of briefs, they need a job that permits frequent shirtless posing.  They are addicted to exercising power, so their work needs to involve forcing their will on submissive men.  Instead of politicians, the exposed Congressmen should take up Tag Team Wrestling!

You know this would be a hot Heel gimmick: a couple of wrestling Congressmen.  They could call themselves the “Power Brokers.”   They’d bribe the officials, use their political connections to gain an advantage, and assume the rules don’t apply to them.  Imagine the arrogant, self-serving speeches they’d give!

Their moves could include the “Majority Whip”, the “Budget Buster”, the “Bicameral Clutch”, and the “Motion to Table.”

Disgraced politicians are just the sort of cocky, dirty Tag Team that gets the fans worked up and sells out arenas — what a genius career move.  They’re bad boys already mired in controversy and scandal.  And they are clearly eager to display their fit bodies (and bulging trunks) in public, so they’re not shy about stripping off those button-down shirts and power ties and wearing revealing gear to the ring.  They’d love this opportunity to boldly celebrate their masculinity, political power, and success, and the fans would love to hate them.

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