Someone posted these photos from a Brit Pro tag team match on social media and it looked like my kind of wrestling so I decided to create this gallery.

Even if you’ve never heard of these Tag Teams, I’ll bet you can guess right away which of these wrestlers are from the “Lionhearts” tag team and which are known as the “Bruisers.”

If I had to draw a mental picture of a pair of cruel, ruthless Heels to torture and abuse all the pretty-boy Tag Teams (and believe me, I’ve drawn that mental picture many, many times), then I would imagine a pair of Heels that look exactly like the Bruisers.  They are like the quintessential wrestling Baddies — bald, thick, goateed, and clad in the one-strap Caveman style singlet — fucking PERFECT.

And this Lionheart guy with his moppy long hair, tall white boots, and buff little physique is the very picture of the Baby-Face Good Guy (especially for British pro wrestling where they really love to see little lads like him suffer.)

Here is the other bearded Baby-Face on the Lionhearts tag team. He also eats a heaping helping of punishment from the Bruisers.  Anybody who has seen more than a couple episodes of pro wrestling could’ve predicted that these two handsome Lionhearts were going to be tortured relentlessly by the Bruisers.

The predictability doesn’t make it any less fun to watch.  In fact, seeing these Lionhearts strutting to the ring in their little blue speedos and white boots, and KNOWING that they’re about to be knocked on their asses and made to suffer just makes our anticipation that much sweeter.  Seeing the handsome, desirable, nearly naked Baby-Faces enter the arena (walking confidently to their doom) is like a promise that gets fulfilled every single time.

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One Response to Bruised

  1. swim10lift3 says:

    Muscle vs bulk? Check. Young bucks vs experienced Heels? Check. Regulation briefs/white boots that makes it look like they’re prancing around in their underwear vs 90% covered with black boots? Check. The only mystery is which one of the prettyboys is going to be targeted and worked over 3 times longer than his partner this time. These type of matches NEVER get old.