That Damn Far Corner

Ah the dirty bullshit that happens in the Heel’s corner — one of my absolute favorite aspects of pro wrestling which is why I always post images of it.  Whenever the Baby-Face gets even close to that Heel Corner, the cheater outside the ropes reaches into the ring to hurt him.  I don’t know why I like seeing all this cheating, you would think it would anger me because I hate injustice.  But when it happens in pro wrestling, all sorts of great and pleasant switches are tripped inside my brain.

Here some gullible rookie in a spectacular superhero costume is cruelly strangled by the Illegal Man.  I dig how he entangles his arms around the ropes as if he’s tied up and unable to protect his throat.

Oh I sure wish this image had been one of those animated GIFs instead of a static photo because I’ll bet there is a whole lot of bumping and grinding going on by Team Orange & Blue!

Plus I want to see what the bearded partner out on the ring apron is about to do with that big booty and those thick thighs.

Is he perhaps going to also mount the helpless victim’s skull to perform a Two-At-A-Time Double Headscissor, face to face with his partner?  This is like the “Guess What Happens Next” series on Tosh.0.

In Japan, the Heels love to corner their victim and stand with their boots on his face or neck — both the wrestler inside the ring and his partner outside will use the victim’s face as a welcome mat.  They don’t do this very often in the USA, but in Japan, it seems to happen in many Tag Team matches.

Japanese culture values cleanliness and purity, so I suppose the filthy sole of the boot on one’s face is especially humiliating.

Speaking of humiliating, Jimmy Brunzell is restrained by one Islander while the other kicks him in the jaw with that bare foot.  Is it considered more or less degrading to receive a boot in one’s face compared to a bare foot?  And is Brunzell’s reaction — collapsing to the mat as if he’s out cold — meant to imply the Islander’s foot is especially unclean?

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3 Responses to That Damn Far Corner

  1. swim10lift3 says:

    The double-teaming in the heel’s corner is always a turn-on. What’s even hotter (at least for me) is when the stud jobber’s partner across the ring decides “enough is enough!” and enters the ring to help out his bro. Only the ref stops him and, with his back to the heel’s corner, takes a long … slow … time… lecturing to the outraged athlete and pushing him back into his corner (usually with hands copping a feel of his pecs). The heels, of course, know it’s PARTY TIME as long as the ref’s back is turned and go truly blatant with the illegal holds. The idea that his partner’s attempt to help only ends up causing MORE punishment for the musclejobber in the ring is one of those “rookies must learn” matches that are so fun to watch.

  2. DREW RUSSELL says:

    Try checking out my tag-team bout on BG East’s “Masked Mayhem 2.” in turn, both Adamov and myself get isolated and subjected to in-the-corner double teaming by the cheating masked men.

  3. Aaron says:

    Who the hell are those hot sluts in orange and blue??