Double Trouble

I love unfair Two-Against-One photos as you may know if you’ve been following this blog for a while.  I have a habit of downloading all good images of illegal Double-Teaming that I come across for future enjoyment.

Every so often, I post a batch of wrestling images I accumulated featuring one poor sucker being tortured and over-whelmed by two (or more) Heel bullies.  For you fans of Dirty Tag Teams, here are some great Double Trouble images for your viewing pleasure.  Today’s focus is on the classic gimmick:  “I’ll Hold His Arms — You Punch Him (or Kick Him…)”

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3 Responses to Double Trouble

  1. gregorian375 says:

    Who’s the soft-bellied wrestler in the third-to-last shot?

  2. CBoapinta says:

    I like two-on-one matches a lot too. But I prefer it the other way around: one man kicking the ass of two others. I love how humiliating that is for the other men. Any recommendations of good one-guy-kicks-two-guys-asses matches?

  3. Chesty says:

    The best is always when the ref concerns himself with leading the face/hero tag partner back into his corner … as the Heels take advantage and go NASTY double team on the helpless musclestud center ring. “Ref, look what they’re doing to him!” “I’m not interested in that now, you need to get back into the corner to make this legal…”