Dream Come True

It should come as a shock to nobody to hear that I subscribed to the WWE Network so I can watch even more hot pro wrestling action on my computer or tablet device.  It’s only like $10 a month, so even if I just watch the weekly NXT episode, it’s worth it to me.

One thing I enjoy about NXT is getting to see these two sadistic Tag Team beasts — Konnor and Viktor known as The Ascension — utterly destroy and devastate a steady stream of cute young jobbers.  The matches on NXT still feature brutal one-sided squash matches, so you better believe I will pay $10 a month to enjoy me some NXT!

On the March 13th episode of NXT, the bad boys of Ascension (in their matching black leather pants with red accents) had the pleasure of isolating young Travis Tyler in the ring and totally beasting on him.  Tyler makes a great ragdoll!

You may recognize Travis Tyler in his peach and baby-blue trunks from my “Already in the Ring” article posted back in July 2013.  At that time, Tyler was double-teamed and manhandled by a couple of beefy rednecks in matching red trunks as opposed to a couple of sadistic punishers in matching black leather.

The reason Travis Tyler makes great “Enhancement Talent” is his utter impotence and vulnerability, his inability to mount any offense as his muscular body grows weaker and floppier.  And he is so pliant, letting the stronger men drag him around by the hair or the arm.

You know, I used to dream that there would be a Wrestling Network — a channel with nothing but my favorite sport all day every day.  I heard rumors they had some 24 hour wrestling network in Europe, which made me want to move to Europe.

So now my dream has come true — now there is a WWE Network.  (I suppose we’ve actually had 24/7 access to wrestling since YouTube was invented.)  And even better than just sitting and watching as I had dreamed about, I get to now select whatever I want to watch, such as The Ascension totally owning Travis Tyler.

Another thing I enjoy about NXT (another reason I’ll happily pay $10 per month to keep watching it) is the verbal fluff provided by the commentators.  Using gravelly, excited voices, they describe in graphic terms the POWER of these two men, the TWISTED PLEASURE these animals experience when DESTROYING their victims.  GRRRR!   For example, we are informed that: “The Ascension calls their method of attack Total Maximum Carnage.” (B0ner.)

As everyone predicted, Tyler is easily finished off and pinned, knee to dick, by Konnor who continues to lay cross-body on the defeated jobber for several homo-erotic minutes.

This match was very predictable, but the future of the WWE Network is perhaps not so certain.  Will enough people pay $10 a month to watch wrestling?  Is a subscription going to be the new model for delivering wrestling content?   I don’t know what will happen with the WWE Network, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

But one thing I do know is that, as the months and years roll by, wrestling content is only getting more (not less) accessible.  We no longer need to trade or copy videos just to get our hands on some rare content, or to wait for DVDs to be mailed, or to tune in to a weekly broadcast at a specific time.  For a wrestling lover like me, access to great wrestling 24/7 is truly is a dream come true.

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2 Responses to Dream Come True

  1. Jose says:

    I loved the pin!

  2. alphamaledestroyer says:

    GOD please allow the destruction and ruin of the manhood of Travis Tayler!!