Suffering Sunday

OOOFFF!!   Hot move filmed from a hot camera angle.  DAMN!

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3 Responses to Suffering Sunday

  1. Joe says:

    Terrific GIF! Thanks for sharing it. Suffering Sundays make Sundays less insufferable.

  2. MARC says:

    Another great Suffering Sunday Post…Got me pumped and ready for the day, even tho it’s Tuesday!! LOLOLOL All I can say about pic #1…I hope the kid in the Black trunks got up first, moved in on the kid in the red, and Finished him off. By the Look of that kid’s eye’s..Staring right into nothingness….There is no way he could have taken much more of a beating. In pic #5…The guy’s face is Priceless…Having obviously taken a Brutal shot sending him to the mat…His look say’s to me…HOLY CRAP !! What the Hell just Happened????? Great Post guy!!

  3. simon says:

    The Miz getting clobbered is always hotness incarnate- especially when Randy Orton is dishing it out!