More of What You’re Searching For

Wow, you pervs have been heating up the Search Engines lately with some sexy search terms that led you to this website.  Lately you seem to be in a sadistic mood, searching for the maximum degradation and humiliation possible for those poor jobbers!  Check out some of the brutal content your fellow wrestling fans have been searching for lately…

wrestling jobber legs spread wide

Yeah, why is it that the helpless wrestling jobbers always seem to end up with their legs spread?  It must be just another way to make the victim into your bitch…

Foot On Chest Victory Pose

The universal pose of dominance is the placement of the bottom of your foot on the destroyed man’s chest.  Being unable to push your foot off his body is the ultimate display of submission and helplessness.

sexually humiliated wrestling jobbers

Placing another man in a suggestive position is a sure way to sexually humiliate him.  So is grabbing his crotch…

ballbusting wrestling cornerpost

Ahhh yes, the old ball-rack against the steel ringpost — a personal favorite of mine.  There is nothing more devastating for a dominant alpha male than to have his manhood taken away from him — his sexual power crushed and broken.

wrestling fish hook pictures

This search term appeared numerous times in the past month.  Either several of you are really into Fish Hooks, or maybe it’s just one of you who is really, really, REALLY into Fish Hooks…

sadomasochism in pro wrestling

So you’re into the ropes and chains?  Kinky — I like it!

young jobbers back cracked

They say there is more than one way to skin a cat.  There is clearly also more than one way to crack a young jobber’s back.  Here are some creative variations on some very classic moves…

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One Response to More of What You’re Searching For

  1. Andy says:

    Wow, who’s the blue stud in the second picture?