More of What You’re Searching For: Cartoon Edition

For over two years, I’ve been reviewing the Keyword Searches that led you to this blog (and posting the images that would fulfill your search terms).  This is actually the 20th episode of More of What You’re Searching For.   To change things up a little in honor of historic Episode 20, this series will fulfill your keyword searches using artwork — cartoons, drawings and other graphic arts.

bearhugs in masks and spandex

I’ve seen plenty of wrestling fans search for “bearhugs” and quite a few searching for “masks” and “spandex.”  But this is the first time I’ve seen someone mix those fetishes all together!  So here are some Bearhug images with either the Hugger, Hugee, or both wearing masks and spandex.

wrestling /scissoring issues

This is an interesting search.  I understand someone craving to see images of “wrestling” and “scissoring”, but what kind of “issues” are you hoping to find?  I guess passing out due to the inability to breathe while in between a strong pair of legs is an issue for sure…


Why did you search for “BODYSCISSORS” in all Caps?  Are you that desperate to find more scissors that you had to scream it?  Here is the clumsy, hapless Japanese cartoon hero — Kinnikuman — getting crushed by an opponent with very strong legs.  I can’t tell what Kinnikuman is saying because it’s in Japaneses — probably something like: “Please stop, worthy opponent-san.  Can’t BREATHE!  Legs too strong…

ballbusting wrestlin ball destroy

It never fails — someone somewhere will always want to see a nut crusher.  You guys are like clockwork, searching every single day for more images of ball-busting.  Here are some panels from a cartoon that I commissioned an artist to create way back in 2005:

gut punching wrestling matches

The beauty of cartooning as an art form is that the cartoonist is not constrained by reality, so he can exaggerate where he wants to inspire your reaction.  Look how deep this brute’s fist penetrates into his victim’s belly…

wrestling arsenal Dominant submissive lift

Oh that’s right — I almost forgot that there is a whole segment of the wrestling fan population that is into “Lifting and Carrying.”  That’s not really my scene, so let me know:  are these the sort of images you are looking for?

sexiest male pro wrestlers

One advantage of cartoon drawings over real life is the artist, if he’s talented enough, can draw them to look as sexy as he wants.  Are these drawings really the “sexiest” pro wrestlers?  You be the judge…

wrestling headlocks

These wrestlers are wrestling with headlocks, and at the same time having a hell of a hard time keeping their junk in their trunks…

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2 Responses to More of What You’re Searching For: Cartoon Edition

  1. Cliff says:

    Smokin’ Hot – Get some more of this guys’ work – its the best. Guys with hairy chests – whooooo!!

  2. MIKE says:

    I’ve seen Kinnikuman artwork which is wildly raunchy; with the hero’s knob and balls getting mercilessly groped, fondled, and sucked dry by his ever-horny, ring foe. Where are these pictures? I haven’t been able to locate them again.