Cute Jobbers vs. Dirty Wrestling Heels

I love when I’m looking at wrestling photos on Tumblr and see a re-blog or comment from some other Tumblr page, so I jump over to that page and about fall out of my chair in happy shock over what I find.  Such was the case when I stumbled on this new Tumblr page called “Cute Jobbers vs. Dirty Wrestling Heels.”

BEFORE YOU VISIT THIS LINK, just be warned that in addition to the great wrestling photos, there are also graphic sexual scenes, male nudity, and bondage photos.  If that stuff freaks you out, don’t go there.  OK, the link is:

The creator of this collection (“Sadowrestler”) specializes in images of mismatches — the one-sided beatdowns and power imbalances that make a pro wrestling match especially arousing.

You will notice many of his featured images depict a big fat bastard hurting an Abercrombie model.  Or an ugly, old troll just brutalizing some cute young baby-face.  Or a beastly juiced up gorilla using his huge muscles to waste a little skinny twink.

The focus of the blog is on the obvious contrasts in attractiveness, strength, fitness, weight, and age between the wrestlers.  If you get into that scene, be sure to “Follow” the page on Tumblr.

Another thing I dig about this blog is the old-school vibe.  If you are of a certain age, you remember the days when many of the wrestlers (especially the Heels) resembled some of the tough daddies in these photos.  They were Real Men, meaty and bearded and tuff looking, raw boned and mean-faced, unconcerned about looking pretty for you.  And they didn’t all wear black speedos back then either — some wore big spandex suits stretched out over their thick frames, and if you didn’t like it, you could suck it.  The Heels on this blog look like Heels ought to look — I didn’t realize they still make wrestlers like this, but I’m glad they do (the Baby-faces look even cuter in contrast)…

The blogger also adds a provocative little comment under each photo.  His comments, you can see, are shorter and more to the point than my ramblings.  He boils his love of wrestling down to the essence, using the right buzz words to give a reader like me a buzz:  “Sexy Jobber”, “Brute”, “Pain”, “Boss” — you know all the Hot Buttons I’m sure.

His images are rare as well — not sure where many of these come from.   I don’t know all the wrestlers either — I see plenty of new faces (and heels).  Another thing that I love when looking at wrestling photos is to stumble on some “Fresh Meat” — some wrestler I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing previously.  So that’s just another reason I’m digging this Blog — lots of new material.

My only fear about posting this article praising the Sadowrestler site is that, in the past, great wrestling sites that I’ve mentioned here have suddenly vanished.  Are they quitting their Social Media because I’ve draw attention to them?  Is there a Wrestling Arsenal Curse that causes the demise of any website mentioned herein?   Or do they not want to risk being affiliated with my unacceptable web page?  Whatever the reason, you’d better visit the Sadowrestler site soon and download what you like before it vanishes!

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