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While trying to figure out why my website was down, I took a moment to check out the latest search terms you’ve been entering to locate my website.  These are the terms entered in Google or other search engines that popped up my website as a likely place to find the desired words. Here are a few searches that caught my eye — along with some images that hopefully give you what you’ve been searching for:


I think you meant to type: “Wrestler trying to reveal opponent’s FACE” or possibly: “Wrestler trying to REMOVE opponent’s mask.”  Anyway, I think I get what you’re wanting to see.  Check out my “Exposed” gallery if you want to see more un-maskings.

1970’s wrestling magazine covers

So somebody out there enjoys the magazines — which were the inspiration for this Blog.  Do you enjoy old wrestling magazines like I enjoyed old wrestling magazines?  If you want to see the great Ric Flair featured on a bunch of magazines, check out my Cover Boy gallery.

dominant male in boots

Wearing boots always makes a male seem more dominant.  Probably that’s the whole reason they wear tall boots in wrestling — to seem tougher.  Visit the Boots & Stomps category page to see plenty more galleries in praise of impressive footwear.

prince devitt softcore wrestle porn

Any image or video of Prince Devitt is wrestle porn by definition.

bodyscissors kevin von erich

I think it’s about time we had another wrestler (preferably a strong, barefoot young wrestler) who masters the Bodyscissor and uses it all the time.

white boots wrestling

Yeah I’ve always dug white boots, especially bright, clean boots on the really honest Choir-Boy type wrestlers.

is the arm bar hold arousing because of arm on pelvis

No — the arm bar hold is arousing because it depicts two men with their bodies close together and entwined, one making the other suffer — so the arm bar is a metaphor for fucking.

pro wrestling trunks who decided they should wear these

If you think about it, WE are the ones who decided they should wear trunks.  We buy the tickets, boost the ratings, cheer for the wrestlers in trunks, and therefore constantly re-affirm that we insist they should wear trunks.

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One Response to More of What You’re Searching For

  1. Sid says:

    Love your site very much and thank you very much for going through the grouling
    hours it takes to hunt pictures down. My favorites are on the ropes choke, kicks and stomps evil heels vs boy older younger.. but what really gets it? Barefeet. These pics seem so hard to find and find them now and again…PLEASE if you ever come across barefooted wrestlers… please post them…Thanks again for your devotion!