The Toxic Jock

So I was searching around on YouTube to find a good wrestling match as I do from time to time, and I happened to see that Chris Dickinson is back in action at “Beyond Wrestling”!

You may recall that this sadistic Bad Boy injured himself a couple years ago.  In his photos above, you can see that Dickinson had a visit from the Testosterone Fairy during his time off and gained 40 pounds of mouthwatering beef (and some nice looking body fur).

My oh my… that strong build, those fancy little trunks, the cocky strutting attitude…  Even his last name gives me dirty but oh so exciting thoughts.

Thick and brawny in his little speedos, Dickinson soon begins to dominate and squash the other wrestler — Mark Shurman.  Dickinson’s kicks, slaps, and punches get very violent and stiff, starting with a stunning slap across Shurman’s face outside the ring.  You begin to wonder if these boys have some real hatred between them.

If you get into realistic one-sided squash matches, or rough, violent, attacking type matches, you ought to check this out.  It’s the second of three matches, so it starts at about 15:05 into the video.

Dickinson was always a tough, fit dude, but he is now the very image of traditional masculinity:  sturdy, thick, hairy, aggressive.  He went from Adonis to Hercules.  We are told that he is a trained martial artist, a killing machine.  Clearly this training coupled with his strength give him a competitive advantage, so why is he so violent and cruel in his attacks?

Like many of the rough tough Heels in pro wrestling, he depicts the stereotype of the macho brute: violent, independent, competitive, merciless.  He is telling us the story of masculinity-gone-wrong, playing the role of the punishing bully — all brawn, strength and dominance but lacking in compassion and meaningful male-male relationships.

Hyper-masculinity is also  associated with being sexually aggressive.  So Dickinson appears nearly naked in the ring.  He mounts and rides and smothers Shurman (who is nicknamed the “Sure Thing” by the way).

Dickinson then stands in a dominant position over the camera.  Some tongue porn sexualizes his pose.  The bulge in his trunks is pushed in our faces and, combined with his wet, protruding tongue, serves as a threat of penetration.

Mark Shurman is soon on his knees, helpless before the raging beast.  Dickinson just grabs him by the hair and kicks him square in the face.   In the “Beyond Wrestling” federation, the audience is composed of other pro wrestlers, and you can tell they don’t appreciate these bullying tactics by the “Toxic Jock” in the ring.

They refuse to cheer for Dickinson because he is behaving like a cruel bastard, thereby isolating him, rejecting him from their  fraternity for attacking another man without mercy.  This is the story Dickinson is telling, and he’s using the audience to help tell it:  the strong man who allows healthy competition to morph into bullying and cruelty will be punished and shunned by the other dudes. And after this match, there is an altercation between Dickinson and some dudes at ringside, further emphasizing his level of isolation.  So don’t be a dick.

Dickinson works on the arm of handsome, helpless Mark Shurman just to hear him scream.  Then he pins the jobber and wins the match (while also losing the respect of the other wrestlers at ringside and the fans watching on YouTube.)

Some critics of pro wrestling argue that it portrays masculinity in a negative light — showing the violence, the bullying, the cruelty, the warlike attitude, all the negative aspects of masculinity.  I agree that these behaviors appear during most wrestling shows, but they’re acted out by the villain, the bastard, the guy we hate.  Therefore, pro wrestling actually supports the positive aspects of masculinity — courage, endurance, fair play — by imbuing the Good Guy with these positive attributes.

So welcome back, Chris Dickinson — great job in this match (and in your wardrobe choices — PLEASE keep that up.)   Your strikes were looking awfully stiff, so if you were really trying to hurt this kid, that’s not cool.  But if you were just acting out the role of the Toxic Jock in order to entertain and excite us, way to go!

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3 Responses to The Toxic Jock

  1. lucca says:

    chris dickinson is just amazing, he has re-emerged from injury as a huge hairy wrestling beast, he dominates his opponent in a cruel manner and fights with the wrestlers outside the ring. while dickinson has grown bigger and stronger, his tights have not and are too small for him resulting in much of his ass in display and his bulge is very noticeable. he often gets semi-hardons in matches and the man”s cock is huge — hence the name THE DICKSTER

  2. jobberfan says:

    thanks for the heads up on the dick i so googled him on yt please more info and wrestlers names thank you so much. hot find there

  3. MARC says:

    All I can say is….HOT-HOT-HOT. The man is absolutely incredible!