Suffering Sunday

Is it just a coincidence that Tyson Kidd’s crotch always seems to end up front and center?

Maybe the reason so many men enjoy watching suffering in the wrestling ring is because at least it isn’t us, stripped to the waist and absorbing a painful, degrading beating.

At least WE are not the jobber for once.

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3 Responses to Suffering Sunday

  1. MARC says:

    Another GREAT post. Nothing better than waking up, going into the WRESTLING ARSENAL BLOG, and viewing the many men suffering from Punishments given to them in the ring. ALTHO, must say the 2 pic’s that peeked my interest-> Pic #1.. The Goodlooking Ripped jobber, hanging onto the ropes after taking a shot, ( face showing his suffering )….AS Cyanide ( great British Heel ) ready’s himself to move in and administer more Punishment. Then pic #6–> OMG !! The hot, smooth chested jobber, having taken the Thug’s knee to his back (?) His handsome face so Beautiful in the throws of Suffering. Gotta say, would LOVE to see more pic’s of such suffering men, their Punishers either having done the deed or maybe in the Process of administering the Punishment, as well in the shot??? Great post guy !!

  2. alphamaledestroyer says:

    the suffering of the male groin is the Heaven

  3. joyounnis says:

    koslov’s balls !!! More More More What match ?? any more matches ouhh he’s hot :O <3 <3