Legacy of Suffering, part 2 of 2

I recently posted an article about a video one of my readers sent me focusing on the abuse and public humiliation of the popular young von Erich brothers. Their frenemy, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, seems to be obsessed with subjecting these studs to maximum pain and degradation week after week, which is beginning to seem kind of homo-sadistic.

My reader also sent me a second link featuring the von Erichs facing outrageous abuse in a “Tornado Tag Team” match. Their championship belts are at risk because their foe, Tom Lawlor, was selected to serve as the crooked ref! Here is how my reader described it:

There’s another recent one that was also really good- they get a good beating from two masked luchadors. There’s more sublime moments of them both being punished at the same time which is great. 

Their opponents are the masked and body-suited LA Parks who illegally blindside the von Erichs before they’re even ready to start wrestling.

Both masked Heels wore belts into the ring, which they soon remove so they can use these foreign objects to strangle the pretty-boys and to whip their bare flesh. Of course, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor laughingly shirks his responsibility by failing to stop this illegal torture.

My loyal reader really loves it when handsome Ross takes the abuse.

After Ross is kicked into submission, both luchadores get in the ring to work together on dominating poor Marshall.

This scene depicts a Clothed Males vs. Naked Male scenario with the fully-spandex and protected masked men chopping the bare chest of their shirtless (and bootless) whipping-boy, his flesh exposed to their combined assault. Why is it that the most popular and attractive young Tag Teams are routinely thrown into such unfair and brutal circumstances?? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that viewers must get off on seeing young studs in agony.

Then the outrageous abuse gets even worse when they blatantly weaponize a piece of furniture…

The biased ref does nothing to stop this assault. And whenever the von Erichs try to pin an opponent, the filthy bastard counts extremely extremely slowly. How can they ever hope to win with this cheater as the official?! Who allowed this situation??

Still the brothers fight back against these unfair odds, bravely refusing to submit! When Ross clamps his family’s devastating Claw Hold on the masked man’s brow, it appeared they’d secure another victory — until the Heels’ female manager sprays Ross in the face with a caustic mist! Cheaters!!

As if that wasn’t outrageously one-sided and unfair enough, we get some outside interference by yet another Heel. Does this make it five against two now if we include the evil chick and the dirty ref??

Oh my reader had to be loving it when ROSS is speared into submission (still covering his eyes from the burning chemicals) to be pinned for a fast three-count by the biased official.

This was such a travesty! These heroic young men were robbed of their belts and utterly destroyed!! (Is anybody else feeling sort of turned on by that?)

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4 Responses to Legacy of Suffering, part 2 of 2

  1. Phil says:

    Marshall is a total turn-on, and having him suffer only takes it up a few notches. Lawlor is such a sleaze; he’s a perfect addition to the Von Erichs’ suffering scene. The double teaming in this match is really well choreographed, by the way. I was a tremendous fan of Fritz and his sons, but have not paid much attention to these grandkids. I will start to now for sure.

  2. philippe says:

    merci pour le compte rendu de ctte super video , tout ce que j’aime !

  3. Mike says:

    It’s also very interesting how times have changed. Face it, you’d never see a VonErich stud with a beard in the 80s unless they were coming off a vacation. They were clean cut men and Kevin used to wrestle in actual speedo bathing suits on occasions. Nowadays they have the beards to appear more scruffy and less pretty I suppose. Ross is so stunning under that rats nest. Hate it. (The Fantastics Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton always told of the tour of Japan with Kevin where he was so high on coke he actually collapsed during ring introductions and turned cyanotic and they performed initial CPR. That was probably a turning point for KVE.)

  4. Brett says:

    Where’s Part 3?!?!

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