Legacy of Suffering, Part 1 of 2

One of my loyal readers sent me an email describing a sadistic indy Tag Team match he recently enjoyed on YouTube. The Baby-Faces are those swole young sons of Kevin von Erich: Marshall and Ross. My reader seems to enjoy it when the lovable Fan Favorites take a whupping — especially Ross.

The von Erichs are facing some intimidating cheaters known as “Violence is Forever” who have arranged to replace the ring ropes with chains! The Heels are managed by the von Erichs’ former friend turned enemy, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor.

Here is what my reader had to say about his beloved (or behated?) Ross von Erich:

The real star of the match is Ross’s ass in those yellow tights, and luckily that ass is punished a lot in the match as well, as Ross is targeted for some good punishment.

If you think it sucked for Ross to have his mid-section driven into the chains, check out what they do to Marshall!

This may be the last generation of von Erich offspring!

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor seems determined to destroy these handsome brothers, his sworn enemies. This reminds me of Chris Adams’ burning hatred for the von Erich clan in the previous generation. And much like Chris Adams, Lawlor was once a friend of the family. Here is Lawlor giving Marshall an intimate back-rub from my previous article about their on-going love-hate brolationship:

“Lawlor coos lovingly while caressing his boy’s muscles”

I always found the dynamic between Chris Adams and the von Erichs to be tinged with homo-erotic potential (therefore thrilling to consider.) Once a trusted insider, Adams was suddenly ousted and shunned by the family of studs (perhaps for being a bit too handsy during a sleep-over?)

So the jilted former-BFF is passionately obsessed with destroying the brothers by constantly stalking and attacking them — desperate to stay on their radar. I’m getting the same vibe from Tom Lawlor’s lingering love-hate entanglement with the younger von Erichs.

For example, after Marshall falls out to the floor, Lawlor (who has gaily put Marshall’s white hat on his own head!) literally entangles his barefoot boy-toy in the chain, binding him to control him and hold onto him, to keep him from running away.

This bondage scene enables the Heels inside the ring to subdue poor Ross and tie up his yellow-tighted legs in a classic Leglock of Torture.

Marshall finally breaks his chains to rush to his brother’s rescue only to be captured by the other Heel and strangled on the bottom rope-chain. This brings us to my loyal reader’s climactic moment. Here is how he described it:

The sublime moment where Ross and Marshall are both being tortured at 5:40 on their stomachs, is the moment that might put you over the edge. Ross is immobilized by the legs while getting a fishhook to the nose, while Marshall is struggling getting choked with a chain. It almost did me in!

The von Erichs would go back to win, as von Erichs usually do. I was not as interested in that part of the match and neither was my reader. In fact, he brought up another great scene of von Erich torture and abuse:

There’s another recent one I can’t seem to find again that was also really good- they get a good beating from two masked luchadors.

We will talk about that one in Part 2 of this series…

To Be Continued…

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3 Responses to Legacy of Suffering, Part 1 of 2

  1. outfitter says:

    I agree with you and the fellow who turned you onto this video. I prefer to see dominant teams or individuals get rewarded with a win, whether they are heels or faces. Of course, cheating by a heel (or their ringside companion) is what generates heat in wrestling bouts, even if the heel is good enough to not have to resort to such tactics.

  2. Phil says:

    It’s so great to see Von Erich again; I was a real fan of Fritz and of Kevin. I must admit that I love to see the young Von Erich’s dominated. The Indian Death Lock scene is really hot. The fishhook is the frosting on that cake. And I agree with you: I want to see the dominant team win. I do not like phony sudden endings to matches.

  3. admin says:

    Yeah I’ve been into von Erich brothers since I saw their photos in a drug store wrestling magazine in the early 80’s. I didn’t see them on television/video until years later but I sure craved seeing them in the ring when I saw their bodies in those old magazine photos. Now if I even say, hear, or type the name von Erich, it triggers me.

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