Before the Count of Three

I’ve started following a fairly new YouTube channel called Byron Blue which features pro wrestling videos edited to highlight the hottest moments of jobber suffering and humiliation. The webmaster seems to “get” the excitement and exhilaration that many rasslin fans experience when the violence in the ring is especially brutal and one-sided, because these seem to be his favorite matches to post.

For example, in his recent video called “Big heel keeps yanking the poor jobber up before the count of three,” Byron Blue serves up little Eli Everfly in the ring against a hulking and angry Adam Pearce.

Eli Everfly always portrays the scrappy Underdog and endures some epic punishment and abuse. What is he, about 140 pounds, trying to get in the ring with these big brutish Heels?!

I suppose it would be inappropriate and uninteresting for “Scrap Iron” Pearce to simply decimate little Eli for no reason, so above we see the cheeky little hero slap the taunting bully, which provides a plausible backstory for the punishment he will now suffer in return.

The match was filmed on a hand-held camera by one of the fans in the front row. You can hear all the jeers and angry shouts from the audience, who are quite aroused and emotional over what is transpiring in the ring. Many of them are encouraging the Heel to punish the youngster even worse (“Do it AGAIN, Adam! Teach him a LESSON!“)

This sentiment is echoed in some of the comments posted beneath the video by sadistic viewers who seem to get off on jobber suffering: “Match should’ve been longer with more beatings, false pins & k.o. finish!“) I’m beginning to get the feeling that I’m not the only wrestling fan who pops a boner when seeing brutal jobber punishment in the ring.

The video then fulfills the promise in its title when we see the big Heel “yanking the jobber up before the count of three.” Be still my heart!

Here is what I like best about Byron Blue’s videos. When he sees something he likes, such as these Two Count Yank-Ups, he edits the video by zooming in on the action and slowing down the playback to about half speed. We get to really savor the moments that excite Byron Blue and us.

I use these same techniques when I’m creating custom wrestling videos that I plan to use as porn. You’ve perhaps seen Slow-Motion and Zoom used in my Sleeper Fetish videos which I blogged about in November 2020, or the Young Stallions’ prolonged punishment video also blogged about in November 2020. (Apparently I was in a video editing mood that month.)

There are a lot of other great rasslin videos among the 64 that Byron Blue has posted in the past month since his channel was launched. This brings up another thing I love about his channel: he titles each of his videos with a description that identifies exactly what he enjoyed about the match. In some cases, the video’s descriptive title is even more stimulating than the video itself.

Here is a sampling of some of his other titles that really speak to my inner wrestle-porn addict:

THAT is a beautiful image of total domination!

As your intrepid Wrestling Blogger, I will continue to explore the hidden treasures I discovered on the Byron Blue channel and let you know what I find. It’s a tough job, but I can handle it. I will most likely blog about his work again soon, especially if he keeps churning out these wonderful creations and keeps naming them with such enticing descriptions!

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4 Responses to Before the Count of Three

  1. Phil says:

    This is a great posting. First, the match you’re highlighting is terrific. The size difference really turns me on and Eli and Adam are really perfect. Little Eli can really sell. Second, thanks so much for the link for Byron Blue. I love it!

    Your descriptions are also, as always, just perfect. Adam Pearce is my kind of heel.

  2. Mike says:

    Hey thanks – I also came across this Yottube channel and was very happy! He certainly gets our style of wrestling doesn’t he?

    Thanks as always for your great web site – it’s a goto place for me!

    All the best

    Ask him ref!

  3. Byron Blue says:

    Thank you for the kind words! I am more excited about reading these responses than I am about actually editing my videos. It’s funny how we all influence each other- your work certainly impacted the way I watch wrestling matches. It makes me want to look for erotic content in seemingly ‘straight’ wrestling matches. It’s often the subtleties of the power dynamic between the heel and the jobber that I try and exaggerate through my editing techniques- but essentially we’re doing the same thing. We’re all hooked to the idea of male eroticism in the wrestling world

  4. Peter says:

    Wish Adam Pierce had worn tiny trunks with that big ass of his