King of the Money Shot

I’ve been following a really good YouTube channel called “jim villalba” for the past couple months, I’ve been meaning to blog about it. The guy is into pro wrestling and enjoys making compilation videos featuring hot moments from a series of matches. His specialty is capturing “HOT JOBBERS PINNED AND SQUASHED IN VARIOUS MATCHES” which is how he titles many of his creations.

Recently he posted a most excellent series of video clips showing Zack Ryder being pinned by about a dozen dominant Heels. Many of the examples are Money Shots where Zack’s legs are spread wide apart as the camera zooms between his open thighs to push our noses in his taint.

I’ve noted before how Zack is frequently put on display by his opponents in the process of pinning him, his colorful trunks and big ole bulge always the center of attention. He really is a slutty, dick-teasing Money Shot whore and I love him for that! Apparently the jim villalba Channel noticed it too and created this compilation video celebrating Zack’s most remarkable moments of loss.

As if Zack’s “Look-At-My-Dick” poses are not provocative enough, jim villalba uses Slow Motion and Freeze Frames and Zooms to accentuate and savor the moments. Speaking from experience, part of the fun of editing videos is the ability to take part in the jobber’s punishment and humiliation. You get to repeat painful moves on him, prolong degrading moments, and eliminate any hint of strength or power he might have shown.

It’s as if you’re helping the Heel punish and degrade the dude by altering his reality through the almighty power of your video editing software. And that power over the fate of the beaten victim, that ability to do whatever you want to him, is intoxicating. It’s the common desire of pro wrestling viewers — to get involved, to own the jobber. It’s why buyers of Custom Videos are willing to pay top dollar to see their favorite wrestlers punished just exactly as they specify.

Thanks for your great work on this video and your others, jim villalba. I’m following you and I like what I see so far. I get the sense that you enjoy editing and customizing your videos just as much as I do, so I hope to see a lot more great stuff on your channel.

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3 Responses to King of the Money Shot

  1. Chris H says:

    and of course Zack wears trunks that always look far skimpier when his legs are splayed out like that. As disappointing as WWE can be with their utilization of talent… one can only complain so much, with enjoyable shots like this, huh?

  2. Sean Pford says:

    Love that channel (and Zack Ryder)!

  3. JR says:

    Zack Ryder was one of the hottest pieces of eye candy on WWE’s roster in recent years. Sucks that they released him. I really love sexy compilation videos like this. I also recently found that channel on YouTube and have been really enjoying it!