Art of Tag Team Wrestling, Chapter 2

You might recall that I posted some images from a Tag Team Wrestling manga, created by the artist known as HMN, back on June 4, 2020. You might also recall green-haired Damien and his sadistic brother Kaiden, both wearing bikinis and boots, utterly dominating two jobbers in singlets. If you don’t know what I’m talking about or you didn’t buy Chapter 1 of the e-Comic at the time, you can still purchase this 49-page work of art on Gumroad for a mere $15.

I have great news! HMN emailed me recently to let me know he has now finished Chapter 2 of this sadistic Tag Team saga! It’s over 50 colorful and stimulating pages long, available for download also for the low, low price of just $15. It concludes the story of these muscular and vicious Heels as they humiliate and bully their weaker opponents.

Here is a refresher on the four wrestlers involved in this torture scene:

Below I will post a few images from Chapter 2 of this Tag Team squash, with the captions describing each scene added by me. Hopefully this will inspire you to want to see more and to purchase the entire amazing eComic. I appreciate you considering this support of wrestling artwork so the artist will hopefully keep producing more for us!

The story opens with both Sol Brothers in solid control of their jobbers. Damien is in the ring with a humiliating boot planted on his submissive victim’s face while cruel Kaiden locks on the dreaded Mexican Ceiling out on the arena floor. There is no referee, so I guess anything goes!

Unlike many wrestling comics, you won’t see explicit sexual acts or graphic rape scenes in this Tag Team Beat-Down story. I find these punishing holds applied by the trash-talking Stud Brothers to be plenty stimulating enough — the kind of brutal pro wrestling I’ve always fantasized about!

The artist did provide me the links to his Pixiv gallery and DeviantArt gallery where you can find many more images of these wrestlers along with more sexually graphic content: slave torture, bondage and BDSM costumes, forced milking, forced BJ, etc. (These sites require you to create a free account and to activate “Display Mature Content” in your account profile).

As with HMN’s prior works of art, the power and visual impact of the Heels’ sexy wrestling boots are emphasized. We see lots of boot-on-chest victory poses, boots on faces, a good amount of stomping, and rope-choking with a boot on the neck (see above.)

In a delightfully kinky scene, we even see one jobber forced to kiss “King” Damien’s sexy, tall footwear. If you “get” the erotic appeal of pro wrestling boots (like I do), you’ll definitely want to check out both chapters of this comic.

Next we transition into some unfair Double Team action — my favorite thing about Tag Team Rasslin!

I like this artist’s attention to detail — the boot laces, the fussy hairstyles, the accessories (arm bands, gloves, choker necklaces), the careful positioning of their bodies. Obviously the swole bodies on these Heels are enough to bone you up, and I also clocked some remarkable bulges under the jobbers’ singlets as well! All the degrading trash-talk by the dominant Brothers added a playful but not-too-extreme bullying vibe (if you’re into that kind of thing.)

I also enjoyed HMN’s use of perspective, alternating tight views of their faces and bodies with distant shots from out in the bleacher seats to show us the positions of all four wrestlers. This reminded me of the slick camera work we enjoy during a well-produced WWE show. The artist also gave us the Jobber’s Eye View in several cases, positioning the “camera” underneath the dominant Heel so we can gaze up at the powerful bulging beefcake lording over us.

There is a lot more action than I showed here because I just wanted to whet your appetite. You can enjoy much more kicking and stomping and boot-on-face posing, a long face-sit (Bulge-to-Mouth) smother session, a spectacular series of flexing victory poses by the winning team, etc. For all the time and attention the artist put into this work of art, I’m thinking $15 to download it is a bargain. If you have a wrestling perv on your Christmas list, this eComic will make a great eStocking Stuffer!

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2 Responses to Art of Tag Team Wrestling, Chapter 2

  1. Gerald Lemire says:

    LOVING it all….GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. rob aka BigBoots says:

    BigBoots likes the post WA. Good of you to promote guys with good stuff out there – like the comic – and a few days ago , a download site that I’m getting , for Christmas.

    Your comments encouraged more enjoyment of the action. Course , it didn’t hurt that you focussed on their footwear – as I , a boot lover , can attest. And the details. Right down to the laces. All stuff I really like! Wrestling ‘art’ I like usually show the big boots with my other favorite – big socks coming up and often over the tops of the mighty boots. Gives a boot and the wearer so much power.

    Im following this comic and hope the illustrator can work in some heavy duty socks with great boots (and any ring wear!).

    Be interested , again, in hearing from interested others. And thanks WA, love your admissions… and fine writing style.