“A Welcome Relief From the Bulky Bruisers”

My fellow blogger, Ringside at Skull Island, recently posted a great article called Old Flame featuring young Kevin von Erich dominating some schmoe in a red singlet back in 1981. Ringside’s commentary struck a few nerves with me and made me want to write about Kevin because I also had a crush on young Kevin and at least one other von Erich back in the early 80’s (as I’m sure many of us who were alive then did.)

The same day that I read Ringside’s article, I happened upon an old St. Louis “Wrestling at The Chase” DVD in my archives which included a nice Kevin von Erich bout. I decided it must be fate that I blog about Kevin, so here is my recap of his Roger Kirby match. (also available on YouTube.)

Back when this match aired, I wouldn’t have looked twice at the “bulky bruiser” Roger Kirby. But now that my tastes have matured for 40 more years, now that my body looks more like Kirby’s than it does Kevin’s, I find myself attracted to this big blond Heel.

(By the way, there’s no fuckin way Kirby leg-pressed 2,800 pounds to hold the world’s record. Out of curioisity, I did some Googling to fact-check this claim. Not only is there no official world’s record for Leg Press, but also 2,800 pounds is way more than anybody can do. I suppose the intent of this boast is to make Kirby seem threatening and powerful, so it will be more impressive when Kevin kicks his ass and defeats him.)

I’m digging Kirby’s platinum Heel hairstyle. I’m also into those biceps which he flexed proudly when he entered the ring. And I always love a Heel wearing tall boots and tights with stars down the side (a very specific turn-on I know, but it’s exactly what Kirby wears here and I like it.)

I wasn’t the only wrestling fan who noticed and appreciated Kirby’s gorgeous Snap Mare into a grinding Headlock. Someone posted a comment under the YouTube video clocking the same move.

By the way, all of today’s captions alongside the GIF images are quotes from other sources, not written by me. Some are dramatic exclamations from the excited (and seemingly aroused) color commentator. Some are from Ringside’s recent Old Flame article. Also, some are from Ringside’s January 3, 2015 article called “Go! Kevin! Go!” which reviews this exact same Kevin vs. Kirby match.

So Kevin applies a nice long Armbar, jerking his body spasmodically to grind on the pressure, flexing his buns of steel to press his cock into Kirby’s shoulder. Like all well-applied Arm-Bars, the victim’s arm protrudes upward from the attacker’s crotch region, rising erect like a huge stiff phallic symbol.

Some of my younger readers may not understand all this fuss over Kevin VE. After all, many studs that perform in Underground wrestling have muscular physiques just as swole as Kevin’s and are prettier in the face — and they’re willing to wear skimpier speedos and perform more explicitly erotic moves. So what’s so great about this Kevin guy?? Let me explain, young reader…

As correctly noted in Ringside’s Old Flame article, most wrestlers were big and bulky 40 years ago. You still whacked off to them (after all, it’s the rasslin performance itself that’s the real turn-on, not necessarily the beauty of the performer.)

But along came this young Kevin and he was ripped, muscular, and super-confident. And he indeed “did things in the ring no one had ever seen” — leaping around like Spiderman. Taking down big Heels using his legs (see above Flying Headscissor GIF.) And Kevin evoked a sexual energy, a horny ferocity in the ring. Ringside accurately describes it as a “libidinally charged wrestling style.”

Kevin also loved to Scissor dudes and I loved to watch it. When he gets Kirby in a nice, long Headscissor, the commentator goes on and on about the power in his legs and how we’re certain to see Kevin scissoring his opponents all the time. Yum!

As a young wrestling fan, Kevin seemed like me, more so than the fat old bruisers in the ring. He had a more stylish haircut, long and shaggy like you might see in my 6th grade yearbook, but not flamboyantly platinum blond. Kevin is less than 10 years older than me, so as a youngster, he made it possible for me to fantasize myself in the ring some day soon — or at least having the courage to wrestle with other men, even if we are not in front of a live audience. The fact that young Kevin could strip down to trunks and wrestle with guys meant that maybe I could do the same, and that thought gave me a boner.

My one complaint against Kevin is that he seldom let his opponents dominate him for long. This Roger Kirby match is no exception. Kevin allows Kirby very little offense, quickly regaining control every time the big, bulky blond tries to generate some Heel Heat. It would be sexier if Kevin would play ragdoll for a while, but his ego and his status as the promoter’s son won’t have it.

The match concludes with a Stomach Claw, which Ringside describes as a
disappointing dud of an ending–leaving the highly touted body scissors submission to our imaginations.” That’s true about the body scissors, but I do find the Stomach Claw fairly sexy and erotic, with his hand way down south near the victim’s waistband, his strong fingers penetrating the flesh relentlessly, stroking the victim’s nerves until he either submits or passes out from the overwhelming agony. It’s all very libidinally charged.

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3 Responses to “A Welcome Relief From the Bulky Bruisers”

  1. bootlickerstew says:

    Kevin Von Erich when he wore boots.. Very hot

  2. Dino says:

    Those Von Erich boys liked the claw. Too bad they didn’t get their fingers under the waistband of the victims gear. That would probably have been pushing the envelope a little too far for the era they wrestled in.

  3. Phil says:

    Well, you are definitely on-target about Kevin and his blatant eroticism. His leg scissors were also over the top. Per the claw hold, I liked that he applied it near the waistband, but he did not seem to have the claw hold viciousness that David and his Dad exhibited. All in all, a solid wrestler with a beautiful body who knew how to sell himself.