Orange Crush

The quality is just getting better and better at Weekend Wrestling — I’m impressed. Where the hell did they find this hunky Cash Kellogg — their newest muscle-jobber? At a Hot Stud convention??

In their October 17th upload, Kellogg suffered through his initiation Beat-Down at the hands of the boss — Cole Cassidy. I am so damn glad I live in a world where studs like Kellogg will put on sexy little trunks like those for our viewing pleasure and do pro-style wresting in a ring with Heel Daddies like Cole Cassidy! It’s everything I ever hoped for.

Cash may need a little more practice before he can take the wheel, but fortunately Cole is more than talented and experienced enough to drive all night. And really, the muscle-jobber’s duties involve laying there looking spectacular, which Cash Kellogg excels at.

Cassidy performs the Multiple OTK Backbreaker series, which arouses me every time. The muscle-man seems so helpless and vulnerable in Daddy Cole’s arms. And grabbing a handful of those sexy orange trunks was icing on the cake — I ate it right up.

By the way, I also wanted to mention that Weekend Wrestling filmed this match in a new venue — a spacious ring area surrounded by a lighting scaffold. Their original ring, tucked in someone’s spare bedroom, seemed fine (and kind of kinky — I want to meet the guy…), but this newer, fancier space upped the professionalism and provided us good lighting in which to gaze at their shiny new jobber. Like I said, Weekend Wrestling seems to get better every weekend and yes. we’ve noticed and we appreciate it.

As you might imagine, this match is primarily a one-sided Rookie Beatdown. Cole shows off a ton of great old-school moves — the Backbreakers, Suplexes, several gorgeous Scissors, a dick-grabbing Single-Leg Boston, his patented Heart Punch — all great work. The fact that Kellogg is so hot looking really makes it special — definitely worth whatever the fee was. And Cole’s hard body in those skimpy black Heel trunks is something to drool over as well.

I was surprised when Cole let the rookie hold the wheel and steer for a bit — I didn’t really expect that. Cole went right into Ragdoll mode (a striking scene of utter defeat) while Kellogg snapped off a couple of vengeful Elbow Drops, and then showed off his guns in a breathtaking Victory Pose. This kid’s a fast learner — I hope he sticks around!

But it’s not long until Cole pushes Cash back over to the passenger seat where he belongs…

Great work, WW! Kellogg was a nice find, and those orange trunks were perfect on him. In fact, let me know how much you want for them and I’ll buy them off ya. You don’t even need to bother washing them if you don’t want.

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4 Responses to Orange Crush

  1. Dino says:

    Should be called orange crush 2. The trunks look like the ones Cameron Lowe was wearing a few posts ago when he was initiated and destroyed as well. Good stuff.

  2. Mikey Aarons says:

    I’m so glad to see more bloggers post about Weekend Wrestling! They’ve quickly become one of my favorite underground feds. Cole is such a great heel too

  3. Phil says:

    Cash in the orange trunks is magnificent but Cole’s figure-4 leg scissors, which is applied perfectly, is the star of this gallery. BTW, I love the old heart-punch…’s one of my favorites along with the “Asiatic” spike.

  4. piledriveU says:

    Love to see that chain fisted heartpuncher!!!