TTT 22

I’m so old, I can remember buying my wrestle-porn on VHS tapes. Then, when someone invented DVDs that could record video, I converted those bulky VHS tapes to sleeker, smaller disks. Several boxes of those musty old tapes could fit on a small stack of disks, freeing up a lot of space in the back of my closet where I had stashed my porn in those days.

I used to write on each disk with a magic marker so I’d know what was saved on it, but I’d abbreviate or use codes so anybody who might snoop in my closet wouldn’t know that I get off on dudes wrestling (unless they actually played the disk.) For BG East’s spectacular Tag Team Torture series, I’d very cleverly write “TTT” on the disk followed by the episode number. (I could claim it stood for “Totally Topless Titties” or something if I were called out, but luckily nobody ever went snooping in my closet…)

Kayden Keller and Ash DeLeon wore matching XUBA underwear of shiny black fabric

BG East’s catalog #147 recently dropped and I am feeling rather spoiled because, for the second catalog in a row, they blessed me with a Tag Team match! (You can check out my review of TTT 21, from Catalog #146.)

I really get off on Underground Tag Team matches when they’re done well — and BG East does them perhaps better than anyone. In the new TTT 22, BG East delivers a spectacular Heels-vs-Faces extravaganza, over 40 minutes long (!!) with all the Tag Team tropes and triggers that make me swoon.

I no longer need to order a video tape and wait in nervous anticipation for that box to arrive in the mail, ripping it open and popping the tape into the VCR like a ravenous beast in heat. And I no longer need to keep a stack of DVDs around the house, their true names carefully concealed in code so nobody outs me as a wrestle-perv. Now I can stream my rassin in Real Time using the BG Arena feature known as OTA (“Own To Arena”) for some instant gratification!

The Baby-faces in TTT 22 are a pair of cute cousins in matching turquoise speedos and wrist bands. BG East earns an A Plus for finding these likeable pretty boys, pairing them up as Tag Team “cousins,” and dressing them in matching outfits.

The meatier brunette cousin is Kenny Starr, applying the tight Headscissor on Ash DeLeon in the above image. Kenny has a cocky mouth and a pair of strong legs that he uses to bully the smaller Heel. His cousin/partner Rocky Sparks pays the price for this arrogance when the Heels target innocent young Rocky for their cruel revenge (see below).

Every time Kenny starts running his mouth (from safely outside the ring), the Bad Guys angrily increase the level of abuse and agony being unleashed on poor Ragdoll Rocky. This is great Ring Psychology that gets me every time: “If you don’t shut up over there, we’re gonna break your little cousin here in TWO!

Once the Black Team has isolated Rocky for his inevitable beating, they target two body parts: his hard abdomen and his dick (especially Kayden, who can’t seem to keep his gloved hand off that delectable bulge.) When he’s not stomping Rocky’s gut or crushing him in Body-Scissors, he’s pulling mercilessly on that pud.

Kayden Keller is a delight as the lead Heel — an absolute Ring General who directs the action and keeps the heat on the trapped hero. The Heels are actually quite brutal in their assault, their Gut Stomps and Elbow Smashes really connecting!

BG East earns another A Plus for maintaining a serious tone. Some of the other wrestle-porn companies present their Tag Team matches in a hokey, comedic, tongue-in-cheek tone which, for me, is a total boner killer. BG East keeps it real just like Classic Big Time Wrestling had done — as if the Heels are seriously out to punish or injure their victims.

Apparently these rasslers have some history together. I hear them teasing each other: “Does THAT bring back any flashbacks?” or “Remember when I destroyed you in this hold the last time…” (total boner-builders.)

Trust me, there are many more striking scenes and inspiring images than I’m able to include here. For example, the Heels channel Arn and Tully by performing some Spike Piledrivers, which you certainly don’t see in the Underground ring every day. And they perform one of those illegal Ab Stretches where the Heels join hands to increase the pain – I love that one!

And you’re really going to want to hear the Audio for this match. Rocky sells quite loudly as if he’s being violently plowed and all the Trash-Talk is top notch.

The ending of the match is really hot when the Heels apply Mirror Image Camel Clutches, then convert them to Mirror Image Sleeper Holds! YES! Their four facial expressions are priceless. I was a satisfied customer for sure.

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3 Responses to TTT 22

  1. Dino says:

    Sparks has a nice bulge. Always liked Kayden and Ash but I actually enjoy watching them get worked over. They make good heels but they make even better jobbers.

  2. outfitter says:

    Like you, I love watching a tag team use mirror-image holds or finishing moves on their hapless and helpless opponents. I wish more tag teams would do it.

  3. Phil says:

    Oh man!! Mirror image holds always get me. Mirror image sleepers put me out of commission entirely. Great final shot in a great gallery. Thanks.