Rando Rasslin Rumination

On my hard drive, I recently discovered an old folder containing a good number of wrestling images that I was apparently preparing to post on this blog. It’s a nice treasure trove and the captions are already written, so I decided to post them here for your viewing pleasure. Why let perfectly good wrestle-porn go to waste?!

I find it interesting to check out the hunky wrestlers, dramatic suffering, and comments that had me turned on years ago. Enjoy this walk down Wrestle-Porn memory lane, I sure did…

B. Brian Blair was always a turn-on. I thought he was handsome and manly and heroic, exactly the sort of stud I lusted after since I first found myself getting turned on by pro wrestling…

The below image of Randy Orton in agony could’ve been used in my old “Suffering Sunday” series. Probably that’s why I curated and saved the image and added the provocative caption…

Ernie Ladd wasn’t the prettiest wrestler, but his brutal tactics and merciless abuse generally got me off whenever he climbed in the ring.

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3 Responses to Rando Rasslin Rumination

  1. Phil says:

    The Shane Brothers’ bodies are incredible. I would love to be in the ring with them. And I agree with you about Ernie Ladd…….the most unattractive wrestler I was really attracted to.

  2. outfitter says:

    Agree about Ernie Ladd…a real brute in the ring. Chris Masters was (and is) still hot.

  3. destoy alpha males says:

    nothing is more sexy than the destruction of sexy men