Continuity Error

I’ve been waiting for weeks for the Wrestler4Hire website to post more videos so I could buy some of them and get off on them. I visit their website every couple days only to find the same old matches — never any new action. WTF?? I started wondering if maybe they ran out of footage and they’re not filming new matches because of COVID-19…

But then I found an email informing me that they “moved” weeks ago to a new website: Wrestler4Hire2. So THAT’S where they’re posting all the hot new action!! There was a treasure trove of content at the new website just waiting for me to check out! (By the way, I’m surprised their old website doesn’t say something like “Check out our new address: so dumb-asses like me can keep up and know where to find them.)

When I saw Zach Reno vs. Garrett Thomas on Wrestler4Hire2, I knew right away I HAD to own this match! Zach is like my favorite Baby-Face and Garrett (aka “Boss Hog”) is like my favorite Heel on the Underground scene right now. And they dressed Zach in skimpy white briefs — YES PLEASE!

Here is how the Wrestler4Hire2 website describes Zach’s sexy ass gear: “Zach’s sizable package is on full display through thin, white speedos, as he’s hurled and hurt by the Boss Hog.” Yup, pretty much.

The match is one of those Sleeper Fetish beat-off videos where the dominant dude essentially knocks his victim out with repeated variations on the Sleeper Hold — Standing Sleepers, Laying Down Sleepers, Cobra Clutches, Face-to-Face. Then wake him up and repeat. Probably some wrestling pervert (like me) paid them to film this Custom Sleeper Hold match so he could jerk off to Zach repeatedly falling asleep, and boy I’m sure glad he did!

So if you’re not into numerous Sleeper Holds in a match, you may not enjoy this video (and you may want to go have your head examined.) But if you’re like me and you get all turned on seeing a handsome dude falling limp in his opponent’s embrace, his face relaxing, his eyes closing, his arms slowly sinking as the opponent maintains that relentless pressure, then yes, I highly recommend this match. I got off a few times so far.

Boss Hog actually uses some other wrestling moves beyond just Sleeper Holds, such as the Suplex, Body Slam, a Rude Awakening (nice abs, Garrett!) and a long Camel Clutch. But then it’s right back to sleep for poor, helpless Zach Reno, looking cute and clean-shaven with his fresh haircut. Garrett trash-talks his “pathetic” victim the entire time.

Yes I stared at Zach’s bulge for almost the entire match. Also their facial expressions. Their faces get me every time when they’re doing Sleepers.

These guys have actually met before in the Wrestler4Hire ring. Back in February 2020, I wrote an article called “Friends or Foes?” about Zach teaming up with his arch rival, Axel, to double-team poor, out-numbered Garrett Thomas. (I just love Two-on-One action!)

So if I were the director of Underground wrestling matches (or paying for a Custom video), I would’ve scripted this match as a sequel to their previous fight. I would’ve depicted Garrett as angry and humiliated over the beating he suffered, hungry for vengeance. And Zach would’ve started this match acting smug and over-confident, certain he could continue owning Garrett with or without his frenemy Axel at his side. And then Zach would learn a painful lesson and be taken down a peg.

So I think they missed an opportunity here to create a story-line, an on-going feud with a historical context. They would probably sell more copies of the prior match if this match contained references and call-backs that would inspire viewers to go back and see what they’re talking about. For example, they could show Garrett applying the same holds that Zach (and/or Axel) had used on him in the previous match, while saying, “Now you see how bad this one feels! Remember when you (and/or your little buddy) put me in this same hold and had no mercy on me?!

I suppose as a lifelong viewer of pro wrestling, I appreciate some back-story with my wrestle-porn, some longer narratives. It’s just hotter to think they have a love-hate relationship going on. It provides a reason behind why they are so adamant about punishing and destroying each other so much.

Boss Hog concludes the torture session with “The Trifecta” of Sleepers. He slaps on the traditional Front-to-Back variation, then releases it and puts Reno in a Cobra Clutch, then lets that go and locks on the Kiss-of-Death. It’s a nice sequence — hot damn, is Reno sure submissive and weak at this point!

And then Ragdoll Reno falls unconscious to the mat, the camera zooming in on his beautiful, vulnerable body. And if you haven’t gotten off yet, you probably will at this point…

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5 Responses to Continuity Error

  1. Heel for jobbers says:

    Nice. Great review as always. I must confess I’m not much fan of beards on jobbers so I was glad Zach got rid of his. Zach can really sell a beating I think. A match I must put into my library it seems like.

  2. destoy alpha males says:

    I am sure Zack Reno has many many enemies everywhere because his manly bulge

  3. Mike T. says:

    Thanks for posting this info, from a fellow dumb-ass!

  4. Dino says:

    That bulge on Zach is nice. His nips look hot as well.

  5. Phil says:

    Great gallery. The Kiss of Death is always hot. On Reno, it is over the top.