Tag Team Treat

One thing I love about BG East is that they produce Tag Team matches fairly regularly, certainly more often than most other Underground video sites. I just love Tag Team wrestling, especially when it’s done well and BG East does it very well! They’ve provided us with a total of 20 videos in their Tag Team Torture series so far, and most of the videos have a couple of matches, so I’ve probably enjoyed over 30 Tag Team bouts courtesy of BG East and I believe I loved them all!

So I was surfing around in the BG East Arena (their pay section which I’m currently subscribed to) and I was very excited to discover that they’re offering subscribers a sneak peek at their upcoming Tag Team Torture #21 video, which will be made available to non-subscribers in the next catalog. I was able to stream the video under their “Own To Arena” option which apparently means I will always be able to view it again from my account.

The eager Baby Faces are Tiko and Jaden, the smiling youngsters in the shiny blue trunks. Tiko does a great job as “Face in Peril” for much of the match while his long-haired partner Jaden watches in frustration. The rude, trash-talking Heels wearing beautiful golden trunks are Ty Alexander (the only guy in this match I recognize from previous videos) and his bitchy partner Jordi.

I don’t often blog about BG East’s matches because Kid Leopard scolded me a few times, years and years ago, for posting too many images from each match. He figured you people won’t buy the cow if I’m drenching you in all this tasty, sticky milk for free.

But I like to support Tag Team wrestling and write about it whenever I can find it on the Underground scene, so I’m making an exception here. But I am limiting myself to fewer than 10 image files in this article so I don’t run afoul of The Boss, Mr. Leopard. I’ve seen what he can do to hurt a guy!

The match is a Best of Three Falls competition with the Heels implementing some fairly degrading tactics on their opponents — licking them, pulling hair, rubbing cock in their faces. Ty is great as a domineering bully while his partner Jordi inflicts plenty of verbal abuse — ordering Jaden to “Shut your mouth” for example any time he mentions how unfair they’re fighting.

Ty seems to have a boner for cute young Tiko, getting face-to-face (really close) with him a half dozen times like he’s about to kiss the dude. So the Heels isolate Tiko in the ring for most of Fall #1 and Ty sits on his face to pin him. Just before this moment, Ty had clobbered him with his own Championship Belt to stun him, like any good Heel would.

It’s not really a spoiler if I tell you that the Baby-Faces fight back and win Fall #2, right? I mean, if you’ve watched a few Best of Three Falls matches, that’s what always happens, right?

Jaden is just a ball of fire every time he gets in the ring, flying around like Tarzan and taking control of the Heels. He is clearly well-trained and athletic — very impressive to watch. The cheaters did pull his long hair a bit, which I enjoyed (and wanted more of). I would’ve posted the image of the Snap Mare by the Hair that he endured (I really love that move when the victim has long hair), but I’m on a strict image diet today and the camera angle really wasn’t ideal.

I decided not to reveal which team wins the Third Fall because, first of all, I didn’t want to spoil the ending for you. The final back-and-forth action is very suspenseful actually and I found myself on the edge of my seat, very curious to see which team would prevail! Great job, guys!

Second of all, I don’t want to piss off Boss Leopard by revealing the outcome and possibly reducing the odds that you will want to buy this video. I don’t want him sending his army of big strong wrestlers over here to beat me up! (Actually maybe I DO want that, but only if it’s just for fun and they take their shirts off…)

The reason I enjoy BG East’s Tag Team bouts is because the teams are assigned clear roles of Baby Face and Heel, just like the style of Southern Tag Team Rasslin I grew up on and enjoyed so much. Some of the other video producers don’t worry about those details and the action is more chaotic with everybody taking turns bending the rules and acting like bullies willy nilly.

Jaden, for example, is adorable when the Heels begin to Double-Team his partner, yet he keeps out of the ring, faithfully obeying the rules. What a good boy! (or moron.) Maybe he’s not aware that there is no referee in the ring, or maybe he’s just such an innocent and honest kid who would never think of entering the ring when it’s not his turn. It’s just precious details like this that make me want to add every future Tag Team Torture video they make into my Own To Arena folder…

There, I did it! I was able to restrain myself and only post 9 image files!

If you get into classic tag matches, keep an eye out for Tag Team Torture #21 in the next BG East catalog!

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5 Responses to Tag Team Treat

  1. outfitter says:

    When it comes to tag team wrestling, I root for the heels over the faces most of the time. Their creative brutality just does something to me…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ty is incredible. His tea bagging is classic.

  3. Bootlick Stew says:

    Jordi is Ty’s regular tag team partner on the independents. His name is Calvin Couture

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Stew, I did not know that and have not seen Calvin/Jordi in the ring before. I guess add him to the long list of Public wrestlers now also working Private matches.

  5. Sean M. says:

    I love it when he pulls the face right into his crotch area. Yeah baby, hot stuff. I’ve been worked over a few times in some of my wrestling matches I have had by double teaming heels.