Long Hair, Don’t Care

My hair has grown quite long and I’m digging it. Where I live, barber shops and salons have been closed for nearly two months which is a long time between haircuts for me. I heard the shops are re-opening soon, or maybe they just re-opened, but I don’t really want to get my hair cut short now!

I can now grip my it in my fist, which is unusual (but oddly arousing.) I’m feeling like a long-haired jobber, like a Barry Windham or a Jacob van Acker (see above), dragged around by this mop of hair thanks to some neanderthal Heel, my head yanked side to side against my will. I just gave myself a good hair yank and found it both painful and boner-popping.

I’ve also been noticing, and getting really turned on by, hair-pulling in the wrestling matches I’m seeing and the social media I’m browsing. Every where I look now, I’m seeing fistfuls of hair, and jobbers being dragged up, dragged down, or dragged around by the hair.

I’m seeing every Heel grab his jobber by the hair to measure him for a big punch or slap. Or slowly, slowly pulling him back up to his feet, using his hair as a handle to set him up for the next move. Or Snap-Maring him down to a seated position by the hair/ Is there always this much sexy hair-pulling in rasslin and I’m just noticing it now that my own hair is so shaggy and grab-able?

Some guys couldn’t stand their long hair, or thought it looked freaky on them, so they shaved their own heads or had their Significant Other shave it.

But I feel like this pandemic is the perfect excuse to let one’s inner Jobber out, to get a little wild, to let your hair grow long enough to yank. And nobody will question you for walking around town looking like some kind of sissy because there is nowhere to get it cut right now.

And then there’s the jobbers yanked up by the hair on the Count of Two — always a pleasure to observe (but even more so now that my own hair is almost long enough to be that humiliated jobber and I can picture myself being yanked up like a bitch..).

I’d sure love for somebody to pull me up by the hair like that, now that it’s long enough to actually do it — but alas, I better behave and stay socially distanced.

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3 Responses to Long Hair, Don’t Care

  1. BoricuaWrestler says:

    Who are the guys in the 5th photo?

  2. Phil says:

    The next to last shot is very hot…..especially the heel.

  3. Sean Pford says:

    Hair handles are the best.