Playing for Our Team, 2 of 2

I’m really in the mood today for some brutal, dirty, sleazy Tag Team rasslin (I’m pretty much always in the mood for some of that!) So I decided to write up the second 1985 match on YouTube between the Fabulous Ones playing the arrogant Heels and the heroic Guerrero Brothers — Hector and Chavo — much beloved by fans in the Houston area where the match took place. You can go back and check out the first match if you want to see why these teams hate each other so much.

I was always aroused by the Fabulous Ones — the boastful name of their team, their muscular, tan physiques, their sexy matching trunks or tights, their flowing blond hair, the implied homo-erotic relationship between them– it all worked for me.

The Guerreros are looking spectacular in this match too, playing up their Baby-Face persona by wearing matching yellow trunks. Man I dig Tag Team matches when the teams dress right and wrestle right — this match pushes all the buttons.

The Guerreros shine early in the match, to the delight of the crowd, totally out-wrestling Stan Lane. Chavo’s best offense was a really pretty, long-held Headscissor he clamped on at 3:33 into the video.

Then Hector tags in and applies one of the best Headscissors I’ve seen in a long time! This is a Must See if you get off on Scissors. It begins at 4:30 into the video.

Sorry for posting so many images of Hector’s Headscissor but I’m totally obsessed. Something about those thin yellow trunks and muscular back is really doing it for me.

I love how Hector amps up the pressure by pressing onto his hands and shaking his ass. This is A Plus Headscissor work.

Then he starts thrusting and grinding like he’s humping the dude…

Eventually the Heels gain control and begin dominating the Face-in-Peril (which, to me, is always the best part of a Tag Team match.) They cheat quite a bit, pulling Hector’s long hair, double-teaming, choking him behind the ref’s back — exactly the kind of nasty violence I was craving.

And let me say some words of praise for Hector Guerrero. Not only did he apply that sexy Headscissor earlier in the match, totally showing up his brother, but his selling is also spectacular! For example, he keeps crawling over to the Heel’s corner so the Fabulous One waiting outside the ring can easily molest him behind the referee’s back.

I may need to go check out some more Guerrero Brother tag matches from when they played the Baby-Faces — Hector is superb.

After Hector is destroyed out on the floor, we see Chavo checking on him, slapping his face to wake him up (see below). Then CHAVO DRAGS HIM UP BY THE TRUNKS LIKE A HEEL AND TOSSES HIM BACK IN THE RING! WOW, why did he do that to his own partner??

I understand they had the beat the count, but I sense Chavo perhaps wants to see his brother getting beaten up and ruined by these sexy Fabs. Maybe Chavo is angry over the way Hector’s Scissor greatly out-shined his own.

Once their punching bag is back in the ring, Steve Keirn lifts him in this amazing Suplex. Once again, Hector suffers just right.

So the Guerreros make the tag and fight back, managing to win the match. I guess they couldn’t send the fans home disappointed two weeks in a row. There was some decent post-match punishment on Hector, but nothing to write home about. I was mostly here for the Two-on-One tactics and sexy gear anyway — not really interested in the outcome.

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One Response to Playing for Our Team, 2 of 2

  1. Phil says:

    I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating: two beautiful men; both good wrestlers with terrific charisma. They appealed to men and women and certainly to me. One of my favorite teams. They were best as heels. The ultra-tight snake-skin trunks were so hot.