Spotland Scrappers have posted a Chain Match in their video store and it is spectacular! It’s available for download on their “Practicing Restraint” video for $8 and it’s totally worth at least 4 times that much. (There is another match on the same download involving lean guys wrestling in jeans and using their leather belts as weapons, but my preference was the Chain Match in pro gear and sexy black gloves.)

Sammy Scrapper is wearing the purple trunks and he is a sight to behold! My oh my, he’s been working out and I think he’s aware how great he’s looking now! This stud just struts around the ring. His paler, leaner opponent — Franky Nadara — looks similar to Sammy which is always a turn-on for me when the opponents are twin-like.

From a technical stand-point, a Chain Match is complicated and dangerous to perform. The chain is at once a trip-hazard and choke-hazard, a finger-tangler and skin-pincher, and a totally nasty weapon. It tends to get tangled around ankles, through crotches, under armpits, and between the ropes.

Yet Franky and Sammy perform flawlessly in this video, cleverly incorporating the chain into many of their torture holds without looking clumsy. I was very impressed with their prowess (as I also was with the camera work, high-quality pro style gear, and video quality.)

Much of the appeal of a Chain Match is derived from the violent and savage nature of such a fight. We see the men — the chained beasts — choking each other, dragging the chain across noses and teeth, flailing bare flesh with that cold steel whip, or entangling legs and arms in the chain to subdue their victim. It’s a boner just waiting to happen if you’re into man-abuse.

The performance is sado-masochistic and hyper-masculine and therefore utterly homo-erotic. Aren’t the hard-on centers in a male brain triggered when observing some forms of violence? I think that’s what one study I recently looked at is saying, but using much fancier language:

Violence has a long history of being a source of entertainment and pleasure, and today there are still numerous socially appropriate ways for people to watch and consume violence, indicating that observing violence is not always aversive, but can also be desired and contain pleasurable aspects for the viewer. These appetitive aspects are apparent in nearly all forms of popular media: television, movies, video games, (and pro wrestling, amIright??) where violent content is overtly marketed.

We hypothesize that the neural mechanisms engaged when an individual views violence in the context of entertainment they derive pleasure from viewing will be functionally distinct from those activated when an individual observes violence they find unpleasurable to view.

Franky suffers and sells for probably three-fifths of the match — I suppose he is the Baby-Face. He does inflict some nice, stiff kicking and stomping along the way, and some really enticing Leglocks — all of which serve to empower and fetishize his sexy red-and-black boots. Spotland Scrappers never disappoint in the footwear category!

As Franky loops that metal around hunky Sammy’s throat and bends him backwards to throttle him, I am definitely feeling my neural mechanisms deriving pleasurable reactions in all the best regions of my brain.

They both have lean, expressive faces and their grimaces, snarls, and scowls add to the erotic tone. Just from watching their faces, you’re not sure if they’re suffering or orgasming — which is exactly how I love my pro wrestling.

One possible criticism of Spotland Scrappers is that some of their videos can be a bit silly and playful for some tastes. I prefer my pro wrestling deadly-serious, ominous, and kick-ass in tone — like back in the 1980s, I got off on the ever-boastful and sadistic Ric Flair and his fellow villains in the Four Horsemen more than I did the comical and jokey Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage or Brutus Beefcake from the same era. The Four Horsemen were not fucking playing, and because of that, I lusted for them.

Adding a sadistic Chain Match sets a dark new tone for Spotland Scrappers — a new frontier of no-nonsense brutality, torture, and manly abuse. The kinky side of my brain (which is perhaps my entire brain) really gushed over it — especially because it was so expertly performed and delivered.

Probably my favorite scene from the match was a long-held series of Body-Scissors that Sammy inflicted fairly late in the match. Sammy, if you’re reading this, that was some HOT scissoring — please try to remember to do that and more in all your upcoming matches. I captured a bunch of images from the Scissor Domination Scene because it really set me off. Two or three times and counting.

Well I won’t reveal who wins — you’ll have to download it to find out. Dude, its only 8 damn dollars — so just go buy it and support Underground wrestling. Seeing their hot pro boots and the one Scissor Domination Scene is worth at least $8 alone, not to mention all that cruel chain-strangling and all those complex Leglocks.

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3 Responses to Restrained

  1. Dino says:

    The chain is a hot weapon to use. Gets me worked up like a long held sleeper hold does.

  2. Phil says:

    Dino, I agree. Especially the scissor chain. These guys are hit, BTW.

  3. destoy alpha males says:

    I hope they will be eternal, bitter and mortal enemies forever, they were born to fight and hate each other