Broken Bromance, part 3 of 3

Today’s article continues the story of David Starr’s nasty divorce from former partner Jordan Devlin and their ongoing (and highly erotic) feud. Chapter 1 from April 2019 described the loving relationship they shared for months after Starr began wrestling in Devlin’s native Ireland.

But jealousy and mistrust ensued and the lovers had a spat, which culminated in a rough, sexy battle described in Chapter 2 from June 2019. It turns out these two still can’t quit each other. The two frenemies got it on again at the recent Over The Top wrestling promotion’s Fifth Anniversary show. Some are calling it the “Match of the Year.” To my delight, it has been posted on YouTube! (Thanks OTT — I love it when I can get my wreste-porn for free!)

Really David Starr?? You’re really gonna wear bulging white jobber trunks and a cute ring jacket and expect us resist falling in love with you?? Damn this dude looks great in white!

Starr has somehow manipulated the Irish fans to love him OVER THEIR LONGTIME HERO, JORDAN DEVLIN!! The audience screams their heads off for Starr as if they all have raging boners over his shiny white trunks. It is truly amazing that, in just a few months, the fickle fans have turned against their long-time hero and fellow Irishman only to cheer for this smarmy, sleazy American!

Wow — Jordan Devlin’s been working out! He looks amazing in that little black speedo with the Irish Flag on the hip. Note how Starr (formerly the Heel) is now wearing the white gear of a Good Guy, while Devlin (the erstwhile Fan Favorite) now sports coal black trunks like a Heel. A total role reversal!

The action gets very rough and brutal — lots of Head-Butts, Punching, and Action Spilling Out Of The Ring. There will be blood. Like most broken up Tag Teams, their passions run hot and their matches are especially intense and devastating (and stimulating to watch!)

Apparently Jordan Devlin’s nickname has long been “Import Killer” — meaning that he protects Ireland from any “imports” or foreigners trying to move in and take over (which Ireland traditionally has been forced to deal with.) But Starr has somehow brainwashed the fans into believing HE is now the “Import Killer” (even though he himself is a foreigner and a very recent import.)

Starr has co-opted Devlin’s own nickname and identity, having the words “Import Killer” stitched on the ample backside of his trunks (see above in case you weren’t looking at his ample backside). He has taken away everything that Jordan Devlin loves: the fans, the crowd support, the nickname, and possibly soon, the gold belt.

And David Starr, with his manly Tom Selleck stashe, is no saint. He fights dirty (using the ropes to his advantage for example), but the audience does not hold him accountable. Somehow he has gotten in their heads and won their undying love and loyalty. The commentators compare him to a Cult Leader — the David Koresh of pro wrestling.

Meanwhile the fans hold their boy Jordan Devlin to a higher standard, expecting him to fight clean at all times and win via skillful wrestling. The minute he bends the rules, they turn on him and cast him as the devil.

The commentators repeatedly warn us that Jordan Devlin is a talented and dangerous striker. “David Starr does NOT want to throw hands with Devlin, THAT’S for sure! Devlin will beat him silly...” That sort of thing. Indeed Starr often cowers before the punching machine as Devlin pummels him.

But then Starr gets aggressive and starts throwing these huge Hay-Makers, absolutely stunning poor Devlin! Now Starr has taken ownership of Devlin’s superior punching power as well! Is Devlin going to be stripped of everything by Starr?? (Even his snug little black trunks?)

Starr hits Devlin repeatedly until he cracks open his face the “hard way.” Then things get creepy and kinky when Devlin licks his opponent’s blood off his hands, tasting the other man on his skin. It seems pretty homo-erotic. The excited crowd begins to chant? “You Sick Fuck! You Sick Fuck!

We witness a nasty fucking Headbutt to stun Devlin — followed by an even nastier Forearm to the nuts to absolutely emasculate him!

It appears that Devlin is crying blood out of his eyes, as if his sorrow over losing support of the fans (and losing the love of David Starr) has broken his heart. Meanwhile Starr presents his big schlong in the submissive man’s face, like one does.

The story behind the match is the Goodness and Innocence of Jordan Devlin being tested by sleazy David Starr who repeatedly tempts Jordan to join the Dark Side by fighting dirty. Starr brings a gold belt in the ring, begging Devlin to strike him with it. He spits on Devlin, trying to incite violence.

These “Join The Dark Side” stories always have a homo-erotic subtext. Joining the “Dark Side” may be interpreted as rejecting hetero-normal domesticity. When the villain repeatedly encourages a Good Guy to join him in his sleazy, rootless life, he’s actually saying “Get over here and let’s get sleazy and sinful together — there’s no going back!

Finally Devlin can’t take it any more and he kicks Starr in the balls — forever corrupting his soul, flipping him to the Other Team, and losing the support of his few remaining fans. Check out Starr caressing Devlin’s hard body, welcoming him to the Dark Side and foreshadowing all the fun they can have now.

But Starr is able to recover from the illegal Dick-Kick. They continue to fight back-and-forth, trying to utterly wreck each other. Eventually Starr puts Devlin away with a stiff Pile-Driver to win the match!

After winning the match, Starr treats us to some bonus homo-eroticism, including more sleazy hand-licking, a post-match Clothesline assault, and a stand-on-his-back victory pose. I think I want to join Starr’s cult — now I see how these charismatic leaders gain totally loyal and worshipful followers.

This is really an amazing match full of many surprises and suggestive content that I don’t want to spoil for you. It’s excellent story-telling with Devlin abandoned and alone, Starr leading a cult-like Indy revolution, and of course all the homo-erotic sub-text between these two hunks. If they’re gonna keep battling, then I’m gonna keep watching it and writing about it — stay tuned, wrestling fans!

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5 Responses to Broken Bromance, part 3 of 3

  1. Alex Miller says:

    This is awesome. I really like David Starr, Devlin looks better than ever, and the storytelling here is brilliant. Thanks for posting.

  2. Gerald Lemire says:

    WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. destoy alpha males says:

    Hatred and feud between men IS HOT AND HYPER SEXY

  4. Phil says:

    Starr is so hot…….the pile driver is perfection. I love the hand licking. All in all, a great gallery.

  5. Sean Pford says:

    This was an amazing match. For the skills, AND the hotness. 🙂