Big Brothers

My favorite Tumblr site right now is called “Muscle and Meat” — also known as “muscle worship and domination wrestling” which pretty much sums up what you will find on the site. The owner of this Tumblr creates and posts amazing GIF animations — hundreds of them — featuring really hot pro-style wrestling scenes, mostly involving a muscle-stud taking a beating in the ring. The person making these GIFs does incredible work, and really seems to get off on seeing muscle-men made to suffer!

To introduce you to Muscle and Meat and the really gorgeous images you can find there, I copied (and captioned) some of the hot images from this Two on One Squash Match involving Kharn and Maverick (the titular “big brothers”) against long-haired, long-suffering Nick Blackwell (total stud!) I also created a few additional animations of my own, not found on Muscle and Meat, because I’m really digging this match.

Here are brief profiles of the three hotties involved in this menage a trois.

The story of the match is that Kharn and Maverick decide to casually rough up the younger wrestler to teach him some respect and to toughen him up, just like you might to do your too-cocky-by-half younger bro.

This “2 on 1 Destruction” match was produced by Cyberfights (I didn’t even realize they’re still in business but I’m very glad they are!) and you can download it from their online shop for like $20. You can also buy the DVD of this match from an online store called Rope Mall which distributes DVDs for several different wrestle-porn companies (Cyberfights, Can-Am, BG Enterprises, Hard Heroes, etc.)

The reason I mention Rope Mall is because I’ve been meaning to tell you horny pervs that they’re having a Half Off Sale until January 29th, so you can get your peter-beaters on their DVDs for like $10 (plus shipping) instead of the usual $20 — a great deal I think! When you’re on the Rope Mall website, you have to click “Add To Cart” to order the DVD for the cheaper price. If you click on “Download or Stream” then it takes you out to the official Cyberfights shop where you have to pay the full $20 to stream the video. I actually prefer streaming to DVDs (even if it’s twice as expensive) so I think I’ll treat myself to some Cyberfighting this weekend — I am digging this Nick Blackwell with his long wavy hair!

Meanwhile lets get back to the utter 2-on-1 destruction that Kharn and Maverick are unleashing on their “little brother” — which reminds me of every dirty Tag Team match I’ve ever gotten off on…

Check out that above scene — Maverick standing on the poor kid’s long hair while Kharn lifts up on his wrists!! That is pure gold — such hot cruelty and torture — a total “bitch move.” Nick sells sexily, crying out in pain. I’m telling you, Cyberfights may not be blatantly sexual and pornographic in their videos, but damn they know how to do rasslin right and totally turn me on! I don’t need any actual banging if you give me plenty of hot moves like this Standing-On-His-Hair cruelty!

I also want to praise Cyberfights for the really erotic write-ups on their website. Whoever is drafting these descriptions really knows just what to say to turn me on. All of the captions pasted alongside the images in today’s gallery were copied from the Cyberfights description of this video (and I think they’re mindblowingly hot…)

The bullies finish off “little brother” with a vicious Spike Piledriver. It’s really well done. I didn’t create a captioned GIF image to post here (I can’t just steal EVERYTHING that Muscle and Meat has posted) but you can check out the image in the Muscle and Meat gallery — it’s a doozy!

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4 Responses to Big Brothers

  1. ringwrecker says:

    I miss these Cyberfights matches where they found veteran pro wrestlers and shot it with great lighting and camera work. Now you rarely see this kind of high quality wrestling videos.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have this video and I just keep rewatching it over and over! I love 2 vs 1 beatdowns and these 3 sexy studs have the perfect chemistry! Both heels are very cocky and hot while they dominate the cute jobber who suffers beautifully! I would recommend this video to any fan of 2 vs 1 matches!

  3. Phil says:

    These three are all hot…….but Alexander is the king. Terrific body and really good wrestling. The half Nelson is a thing of beauty as are his vicious facial expressions. Great gallery!!

  4. destoy alpha males says: