Salesman of the Year 2019

My Zack Reno man-crush continues with this match against Caleb Klein, recently posted to the Wrestler4Hire website. I swear I’ve purchased enough Zack Reno videos by now to buy him a used car — or at least a really fancy bicycle. But I can’t help it, he suffers so good and he’s so smoking hot.

Also Reno always wears the most revealing little trunks for us — in this case, the same yellow “Core” briefs he wore in his recent match against Ace Owens (see my 12/15/19 article, “A Lot to Look At“. A lot indeed.) This does not bode well for Zack because he really got his ass kicked in the Ace Owens match. The yellow undies are NOT his lucky pair for sure.

Sure enough, Caleb proceeds to dominate Zack with a ton of Backbreakers, and Zack, as usual, sells the fuck out of his pain, arching his back up and squirming around in total agony after each move. It’s almost as if Zack suspects we’re turned on by all his contortions and convulsions, so he totally plays up his pain and suffering for our masturbatory enjoyment.

Caleb is a “real” pro wrestler with tons of experience in front of large audiences, so he knows what he’s doing in the ring. His moves are super polished and smooth — it’s clear that Zack is in the hands of a true ring general here. Also, like any good Heel who understands ring psychology, Caleb focuses his assault on one body part — in this case, Zack’s lower back. This gives their match the look and feel of a “real” pro wrestling bout (with the added bonus of Zack constantly showing us his impressive bulge, more so than your typical mainstream wrestler.)

The TV show “Pros vs. Joes” aired on Spike from 2006 to 2010 featuring amateur contestants (the “Joes”) matching themselves against professional athletes (the “Pros”). The term has been borrowed by the Wrestleporn universe to describe the sort of match where a regular guy with little training or experience tries to fight a veteran pro Stud like Caleb Klein, and the regular guy generally gets utterly demolished.

This match definitely has that Pro vs. Joe vibe, with Zack in the helpless, overwhelmed Joe role — easily controlled by the well-trained Pro in a humiliating one-sided beat-down. There is something erotic about this trope — the unfairness of it, the doom we sense when none of the Joe’s efforts to fight back have any effect. It’s really the best of both worlds when the hapless Joe is also total eye candy like Zack Reno here. Caleb can perform all the complex moves and heavy lifting while Zack can focus on squirming around, spreading his legs and moaning like a porn star.

Another advantage of having a well-trained “Pro” like Caleb in the match is that he understands the pacing and timing that will make the match hot. He is not in any hurry to rush from move to move. Instead, after delivering some devastating spine buster, he pauses and watches for a minute, giving Zack some space to perform his suffering routine — and giving the viewers time to really drink it in and savor it. Bravo, Caleb Klein!

So I definitely recommend you go download this video from W4H — especially if you enjoy the old “Pro vs. Joe” gimmick, or you’re into relentless Backbreaker scenes, or you just enjoy staring at Zack’s big dick.

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5 Responses to Salesman of the Year 2019

  1. Mikey Aarons says:

    I’m so mad I overlooked him when he first showed up on W4H and BG. He had long hair at the time, which I’ve never been a huge fan of…so maybe that’s why? Regardless, I share your admiration for Zack and he’s definitely one of my favorites now. I really ought to check out his first few matches.

  2. Sean Pford says:

    Every good jobber needs a good heel!

  3. Phil says:

    We all love Zack but let’s not overlook Caleb Klein. He’s a great heel and I love his body. Look at him taunting Zack while Zack suffers. I’m a fan if both of these guys. I’d sure love to be in the ring with Caleb.

  4. destoy alpha males says:

    We are so obssesed witn ZAck Reno because he is well endowed

    I love when his bulge looks like vulnerable, useless, defeated

  5. ringwrecker says:

    I agree Zack is the salesman of the year but Caleb Klein had all my attention in this match. Thanks for the recap. Speaking of Zack, Ryder is another great salesman. Too bad WWE rarely uses him these days.