Bearhugger Submission?

I tried to visit one of my favorite websites — — only to discover this unparalleled source of amazing wrestling images (especially sexy Bearhugs) has unfortunately been hacked and as of 12/19/19, the website is down indefinitely!

Are you kidding me?? The webmaster left us a hopeful message (see above link) that he will be back in action some day:

I will try to post details and updates in the months to come. Please bear with me.”

Nice little pun on the word “bear” — but the word “MONTHS” is fairly depressing to read. I want my hot Bearhug images, links, personal ads, and video clips now! has always been there for us, for over 20 years, and now it’s just gone?!? It was ubiquitous and ever-present, like the air we breathe, and when that air is suddenly taken away (maybe because some relentless Heel has wrapped his arms around one’s ribcage), well it leaves you gasping and craving more. was in existence from June 1998 to December 2019 — 21.5 years, an incredible run. So in memory of the incredible achievement that was, and in hopes that it will return some day soon, I’ve posted some Bearhug images and photo collages that have accumulated in my archives over the past 20 years or so. At least you can still get your Bearhug fix here for now.

In my 2015 article praising the longevity of, I described it as “the only non-commercial gay-friendly wrestling site older than the Wrestling Arsenal.” You see, the World Wide Web was invented in 1991 and launched in 1998 (before most people even knew about this whole Internet thingy and what it would become.) I then posted Wrestling Arsenal Galley #1 two years later in 2000.

So if taps out and does not get back in the ring, that leaves this website, The Wrestling Arsenal, as the oldest gay-friendly wrestling site in existence. It’s good to be the champ!

Before I knew how to make GIF animations — before GIF animations were invented — I used to create these multi-image photo collages. This allowed me to capture a wrestling hold over time, frame by frame, exhibiting the changing facial expressions, body positions and shifting camera angles.

Looking back on these old collages created many years ago, I’m pretty happy with the effect. I enjoy looking at Scott Casey for example, trapped here in the masked Shadow’s embrace, tossing back his head in agony, slowly growing limp, as our perspective circles around their inter-locked bodies, zooming in and out. These collages are the next best thing to video.

So let me send encouragement to the webmaster to keep at it and fight off these evil hackers. Never surrender, never tap out! Don’t let these Heels crush you into submission. Hitch up your trunks and get right back in the ring. Please — I don’t want to be the oldest wrestle-porn site in the universe!

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2 Responses to Bearhugger Submission?

  1. Phil says:

    We all love the bear hug but look at how British Bulldog sells it…….perfect positioning. Jackson Andrews is so incredibly hot and his body is made to bear hug. Kaval can really sell, by the way.

    Great gallery!!

  2. outfitter says:

    Congratulations on your staying power. 20 years? Wow! There definitely is something erotic and mesmerizing about squeezing another man with your arms or legs until they cry out in pain to make you stop. And it doesn’t matter if you’re on the giving or receiving end of the squeezing either. It’s bad enough when you submit to your opponent that way, but it adds a layer of humiliation when they say to you (or you say to your opponent), “I wasn’t even trying that hard!”.