Like a Pack of Wild Dogs

I’ve been working on my project to review the old wrestling DVDs I have stashed in a box under my staircase and to convert the hottest matches into video format. Another great and eroticBig Time Wrestling match from the 1970’s that I recently pulled out from under the stairs was this brutal jobber squash by “Bulldog” Don Kent on a jobber in red trunks named Randy Scott.

I can recall being very fascinated by the big “Bulldog” Don Kent. He appeared in many of the fantasy matches that played out in my head, absolutely mauling our blond TV weatherman, my buddy “Jimmy’s” cute little brother, my cocky young gym teacher. It wasn’t the Bulldog’s brutish-looking face that attracted me so much, but his massive, thick, gloriously hairy body. When I was a skinny hairless youth way back in the 1970’s, I was just enthralled by the power and dominance in big heavy pro wrestler bodies like Kent’s — the ponderous size and weight and strength of these big hunky fuckers just made my eyes pop out and I craved trying to wrap my arms and legs around their thick physiques.

Then this sleazy Bulldog would wear that bizarre, kinky dog collar into the ring as if he’s a savage animal (or a goon in a torture dungeon) and my lust would runneth over.

I’ve uploaded this video to YouTube so you can check it out and relive ancient history. Part 1 focuses on repeated Headscissors that Randy Scott manages to clamp on the Bulldog, his glutes flexing enticingly in his snug red briefs. In Part 2, the Bulldog takes control of this uppity jobber by using his nasty leather dog collar as a weapon, and that’s what really sent me over the edge.

From the opening bell, we observe that the Bulldog is annoyed by barking and howling noises being made by members of the audience. Each time he hears their barks, he is befuddled and angry, forced to cover his ears to try to block out their taunts. But the cruel fans are relentless, repeatedly barking the Bulldog into a confused submission, which enables Randy Scott to apply one Headscissor after another. We are treated to no less than four beautiful Scissors by this strong-legged jobber on the helpless Bulldog, the camera focusing on the kid’s laced-up leather boots clamped tightly together. It’s pure Fan Service if you get off on tight Scissors.

Here is how the commentator describes the effect of the fans’ barking on the Bulldog:

Of course the fans like to rub it in on the Bulldog. They bark at him, he hates it, and they know it and that’s why they do it. And many many times as we’ve seen here on Big Time Wrestling, as you’ve seen in the arenas, when the people start to bark at him, it just drives the Bulldog crazy.

If he’s got a hold applied and the people start to bark loud enough, he’ll release that hold. It causes him to lose his concentration on his match. So if you don’t like the Bulldog, there’s one thing you can do and that’s bark real loud.

As a child when the “Bulldog” was active, I always wondered why he called himself a “Bulldog” and wore a dog collar if he hated being barked at so much! It made no sense — he’s just ASKING them to bark at him! I also found something arousing in this barking gimmick — this empowerment of the people in the audience to punish the Bulldog, this ability to weaken and disarm him so his opponent could work him over for a moment. Some people in the crowd really seem to get off on their power over him, barking like wild dogs non-stop to sadistically taunt and subdue the vulnerable and weak-minded brute.

Who is the real villain in this situation — the true savage animal? Is it the human Bulldog wearing his leather collar in the ring like a tamed pet, or is it actually the sadistic, bloodthirsty beasts in the crowd, howling like animals to unfairly tease and subdue this emotionally-fragile idiot?

But eventually, the frustrated Bulldog is done fucking around with Randy Scott and done being tortured by the audience’s cruel barks. He removes his dog collar and wraps it around his fist to clock that punk in the face! Of course, his punch is at least 100 times more devastating than a bare fist now that his hand is wrapped in studded leather.

Did the sadistic audience in fact inspire this act of brutality by barking at the Bulldog until they pissed him off enough to make him snap? Is it actually Randy Scott whom the audience is punishing with their relentless barking, as they piss off the Bulldog until he goes crazy and begins to demolish the poor kid? I do find it mighty brave and sexy of Scott to be willing to get in there with this animal and serve as our whipping boy!

I enjoy watching the big Bulldog in action — he is so harsh and punishing. No wonder I turned him loose on so many cute jobbers in my day-dreams. Check out his huge, picture-perfect Body Slam on Scott, then that killer Knee that practically knocks the kid’s block off. What a Bad Ass in the ring — the barking by the audience firing him up even more.

While I was working on this gallery, I happened to find a few images on social media of the big Bulldog destroying some other jobber. I decided to include them here in this article because they further depict how Don Kent utterly owned the ring and any man who got in there with him — and I thought they were pretty hot images of domination and suffering…

Anyway, lets get back to Randy Scott’s whipping. The Bulldog bends his head back and claws his shoulder muscles to further torture him…

The camera-work for this match is really spectacular, frequently zooming in to give us a closer look (at the dog collar, the Headscissors, and now at Randy Scott’s orgasmic facial expressions). It is very visually stimulating — these camera-men filming this match could actually go to work for one of our modern wrestle-porn companies — I mean that as a compliment!

The audience goes insane with frustrated rage when the Bulldog again pulls out his nasty collar, covered in studs and buckles, to wrap it around his knuckles and again clobber the jobber. The audience screams at the ref DO SOMETHING about the Bulldog’s illegal tactics, but the clueless old ref seems to be deaf as well as blind. This further enrages the audience because the cheater is getting away with sneaking a weapon into the ring! The angry shouts of the frustrated fans, which you can hear fairly clearly in this studio environment, always turned me on as a young viewer.

If you watch these videos you’ll notice the audience was very hot and bothered by this match. You can hear many of their passionate shouts and jeers. I swear I heard some bloodthirsty viewer scream: “POKE HIS EYES OUT!” and “BREAK HIS NECK AND GET IT OVER WITH!” I think they’re more worked up over the Bulldog’s nastiness than I am!

The Bulldog loses all control, just like a rabid dog, following his victim out of the ring to work him over out on the floor using that collar. He repeatedly grinds and thumps poor Randy Scott as the ref calls for the bell. God I loved classic wrestling when every match ended with sexy out-of-control violence like this! Woof!! WOOF!! WOOOFF!!

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2 Responses to Like a Pack of Wild Dogs

  1. Johnny says:

    Listening to the men in the audience is half the fun of watching the match- I’ve been to a few live shows and would always try to sit next to the guy who was doing the most trash talking!

  2. ringwrecker says:

    I like it when Kent adjusted his trunks after kneeing that poor Scott, as if he was trying to hide his engorged member.