Softening Up

A Tumblr site I follow called Muscle and Meat posted a great series of animations depicting Bret Hart performing a Muscle Squash on Paul Roma. You can find larger-sized versions of these images on the Muscle and Meat Tumblr without my captions added underneath.

The imagery of the match focuses on contrasts between hard and soft, primarily the hard body of Paul Roma being gradually softened up by Hart’s stiff offense. Above we see the hard skull of Bret Hart repeatedly driven into Roma’s relatively softer skull to scramble the spectacular male’s brains and leave him dazed on the mat. Below, Roma’s vulnerable body is broken across Hart’s hard knee in an excellent Over-the-Knee Backbreaker.

I enjoy seeing Jimmy Powers at ringside, pathetically wearing his Young Stallions uniform jacket and watching helplessly as his partner is beaten down into a limp ragdoll. Roma’s defeat seems to be even more embarrassing with his equally swole partner watching him suffer and judging him for his weakness.

As Roma lies on the mat, his body now prone and limp, Hart strikes him with a hard elbow and then a boot — using his stiff, solid weapons to tenderize Rpma’s hard body.

Bret then softens up his muscle-jobber even further with a prolonged Choke Hold to milk him of his strength. Bret orders the ref to test Roma’s muscular arm — which is now as floppy and limp as a wet noodle.

Roma’s formerly rock-hard physique is now seen to be as malleable as warm clay as Hart tosses the submissive wimp out of the ring, his weakened body striking the hard floor. Then Hart bends that flexible body over the ropes to prevent him from re-entering the ring and with a kick, sends Roma back down to the hard floor. This draining of the spectacular male’s strength, this forced helplessness and vulnerability, is as erotic as any porno.

The Muscle and Meat site on Tumblr contains a bunch of GIF animation series like this. They are well-made, high quality galleries that capture the hottest moments of punishment and suffering from a bunch of classic pro wrestling matches. In the near future, I need to post some more great images from this hot Tumblr site.

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2 Responses to Softening Up

  1. ringwrecker says:

    Macho man subdued to beautiful but useless muscles… hot.

  2. Dr.Fever says:

    Paul Roma is prob my fav ever muscle stud wrestler.
    He was a big part of me getting into watching wrestling and when I first realised I was gay!