Some Bright Spots For Sure

After my article on Ox Baker, where I mentioned how much sexier pro wrestling seemed in the classic Baby-Face Suffering era, one of my leaders posted a message of hope with a very exciting link:

“There are some bright spots for sure, you just need to watch for them. Here’s a match that took place yesterday just filmed yesterday with muscle boy Ross Von Erich (who was perfect in the past with his speedo trunks and smooth face) taking on an 80s style heel who abuses him most of the match.

The crowd loves the squash and even in those long knit (?) tights, Ross keeps adjusting his junk. I’ll take it!”

The “80s style heel” who will abuse Ross for most of the match is Fatu, this gloriously rotund and bloodthirsty Samoan beast who will have no mercy on the pretty-boy with the famous last name.

A couple days after my reader turned me onto this match, the He Is Out! blogger also covered it, posting over a dozen excellent GIF animations as he does.  Now I knew for sure that this match was worthy of blogging about because He Is Out! only pays attention to great rasslin.

So I decided to try something new today.  Rather than duplicating and re-posting every excellent GIF that He Is Out! already posted (like Ross selling the Irish Whip here), I will create my own images of scenes that He Is Out! did not capture.  I’ll describe the the hottest moments in the match with links to his animations.  You can just click them to see what I’m going on about.

For example, as Ross climbs between the ropes, Fatu Super-Kicks him in the neck, pulverizing him with one nasty bare foot.

Poor Ross then serves as a punching bag for the sadistic Samoan, enduring multiple bitch-slaps to the face and Irish Whips against the stiff corner turnbuckles.

Following yet another stunning Irish Whip into the corner, fat Fatu splashes young Ross to crush his ribs, then drills another fist into his handsome face.

By the way, before the match began, we saw Ross and his friend Tom Lawlor enjoying an intimate moment in the locker room.  Lawlor coos lovingly while caressing his boy’s muscles.  I guess I don’t blame him — I’d have my hands all over Ross’s gorgeous bod too!

Tom will support his best friend by watching the match from ringside.  However, Fatu will also have a friend at ringside, an evil manager!

As Ross tries to recover on the ring apron, Fatu’s dirty manager clocks him upside the head behind the referee’s back.  Ross collapses to the floor, so the ringside cheater proceeds to press his nasty boot into our hero’s face to further degrade him.

Fatu gladly takes the battle outside the ropes, slamming the young Von Erich’s skull into the ring apron, and positioning his vulnerable body against the side of the ring for a devastating Knife-Edge Chop across the chest.  Then Fatu unleashes a nasty Karate Chop to the throat to stun his prey, then savagely hurls Ross’s body into an empty section of ringside chairs.

One complaint I had about the dominant von Erich boys back in the 1980’s is that they didn’t suffer and sell enough for my tastes.  They were forever fighting back and taking control, rather than enduring one-sided beatings like weak, pathetic ragdolls for 20 or 30 minutes which I really get off on.



Ross understands exactly what we want to see, and he dishes it out to us liberally.  Unlike his father and uncles, he is willing to check his ego and play the jobber bitch that many fans really lust for.

Some may complain that his dark beard is too thick, or he should wear trunks instead of tights.  But just look at that banging von Erich body!  And most importantly, he is willing to sell gratuitously and suffer without restraint, twisting and contorting in utter agony, paralyzed with exhaustion and unable to fight back, with his handsome face wracked with pain.  That makes him a Perfect 10 in my book!

Back inside the ring, Fatu goes Old School by digging his claws into his victim’s shoulder meat, then weakening him with a Power Slam.

Clutching his mid-section down on the mat, Ross is clearly in the worst agony of his career.  Fatu follows up with a rib-crushing Samoan Splash and nearly gains the pinfall, but our brave young hero kicks out.

The cheating manager brings a chair into the ring, but Ross’s beloved friend — Tom Lawlor — grabs the chair to protect his friend.  Then, shocking all the fans in the arena, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor swings the chair and strikes poor Ross, his best friend, in the skull!  Then the filthy Judas shouts “Fuck the von Erichs!” (a Freudian slip perhaps, given the earlier muscle rub-down scene.)

The chair-shot sets Ross up for another deadly Samoan Splash by Fatu and our helpless hero is left broken and defeated in the ring.  What a stunning betrayal!  What a turn-on!

I guess my loyal reader was right — the modern era of pro wrestling does contain some bright spots — you just need to watch for them.  The He Is Out! blogger certainly understands this.  He is able to find all sorts of matches old and new with hot wrestling action and sexy betrayals and beat-downs like this!

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5 Responses to Some Bright Spots For Sure

  1. Dino says:

    Can it get any hotter watching Ross get worked over. Great body, handsome, nice hair and a jobber in this match. Can you really ask for more?

  2. ringwrecker says:

    Fatu’s glistening thick body is so sexy.

  3. destoy alpha males says:

    I do not now why but I really need to behold Von Erich´s total destruction

  4. Anonymous says:

    so so so hot match …