A New Source of Old Videos

So I was on Ebay shopping for some wrestling-related gift ideas and I found a seller named kingdeals80 offering over 100 classic Underground wrestling DVDs — mostly from the old Junior Pro Wrestling Association (JPWA).  All of the images in today’s gallery are screencaps from kingdeals80’s Ebay listings.

JPWA was an early seller of Underground videos from about 1999 to 2002.  You can read about the controversial history of this vintage video producer and its brief but prolific existence.

I blogged about JPWA several times on my original Wrestling Arsenal website.  My gallery #800, #801, and #802 from May 2007 (just 5 years after JPWA shut down) provided numerous screencaps and descriptions of their matches. Check out those galleries if you want ideas on which JPWA videos to buy on Ebay.

As I was reviewing the videos offered by kingdeals80 (and gathering images for this gallery), I noticed a good deal of two-on-one, Tag Team, and double-teaming scenes.

I don’t recall JPWA videos being so group oriented, but 2-on-1 punishment is like my favorite wrestling turn-on, so I’m definitely checking out what this seller has to offer.

Over the years I’ve been creating this blog, several of my loyal readers have asked me about JPWA videos — did I still have any tapes to share?,  Where can we order them from?,  etc.

It seems this short-lived producer really left an impression on many Underground wrestling viewers.  If you are one of those fans who still craves JPWA, or if you want to check out these videos for the first time to see what all the fuss is about, now is your chance thanks to kingdeals80.

 JPWA was a clearly a low-budget, amateur production — just a group of young friends with nice healthy bodies, a couple of VHS video cameras, a love for rasslin, and access to a mat room.

Sometimes they rented a ring, but more often they were filmed in living rooms or office spaces.

I suppose this is the charm and appeal of these old videos — the glitchy downhome realism of the production, the eager but sometimes clumsy performances.

One can find higher film quality and better-trained athletes in modern Underground videos, but some people still prefer the laid-back style of wrestling video created in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  This is similar to someone preferring amateur porn to the slicker, professionally refinished, impossibly perfect offerings.

No JPWA retrospective would be complete without mentioning Brad Martin.  He showed up fairly late in the JPWA timeline but quickly became perhaps their biggest star and most popular fan favorite.  He had a shaved head, swole physique, and shiny light blue trunks with an impressive bulge.

My gallery #802 is dedicated to Brad Martin and contains a bunch of images in case you want to check him out before deciding which of his videos you want to buy on Ebay.

Some of the other JPWA wrestlers who really made a lasting impression include Hardcore Kid, Sasha, The Murph, Latin Heat, Johnny Heartbreaker, and Corporal Punishment.

So I hope you enjoyed revisiting the world of Underground wrestling  as it existed 20 years ago.  If you want more, go order some videos from kingdeals80.

The holidays are approaching, so why not treat yourself to some vintage JPWA action?  Or go buy some stocking-stuffers for the old school wrestling fan in your life who may still own a DVD player.

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4 Responses to A New Source of Old Videos

  1. Phil says:

    Brad Martin…….what can I say. Beautiful body and great moves. A perfect baby face. I sure miss the JPWA. All those erotic sleepers and bulges, together with really good wrestling. What a loss!

  2. ringwrecker says:

    It’s sad to see a great underground wrestling web site shut down so suddenly like that. These people knew how to sell good matches! Kind of reminds me of Miamilucha.

  3. Dave says:

    I too was a huge fan and owned several VHS tapes (long gone). My fav was “Sasha,” the young beefcake with a horrible fake Russian accent, but he did a good job of allowing his body get beaten until he was put in a sleeper.

  4. magusxxx says:

    Here is the timeline of what happened. I posted this around 2003.